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Review: Around The World 3D
Author: Broomie
Added: 23/12/2002

Poke and Gravy - Around the Word 3D
By Poke & Gravy

Welcome to the 3D world's of Poke, Gravy and friends. This challenging 3D game which uses the Mode 7 object is unbelievable. It is fantastic. I've only played 4 levels and it is sweet! I didn't think a game using the mode 7 object would end up so great. Oh let's start the review okay.


Ahh... the presentation was great. Amazing you might say. I liked all of the presentation, especially the character scene. The game featured 3D bits nearly every frame. The main menu is class. If you notice in the background you are gliding across one of the 3D worlds of Poke and Gravy. I really liked that. The characters didn't really match the landscapeof the worlds though but it didn't put me off.


As Shen said, it is like Frogger with turkeys. Good one Shen! It most definetely is! You control the little animals by jumping onto each bit of land. Trying to get to the end before the time runs out. And try not to miss the bit's of land, or you will full straight into the ocean. But don't worry you have 3 chances, a new character will appear where you die. But be careful, if you use up all the three chances then you lose a life. You have about 6 of them so don't worry too much. There are four different 3D worlds, might I add more to download, and they all have great detailed.You have a earth planet, then a pink sort of planet, another planet( can't remember what it looks like) and a snow planet.


As i said before the landscapes were very detailed and realistic. The characters didn't really match the landscapes but I didn't mind, it was very good. The character scene was quite cool. Where all the characters are on a cube and you have to turn the cube and a new character appears.

Sound and Music

Every attribute of this game was very impressive, but I have to say the music and sound was the least impressive, it was impressive but not the most. It was okay, sort of calm music not wacky wacky sort. The sounds were nice though.


Thought it was safe to complete all the levels and leave this game alone. Well your wrong buddy! There will be more levels to download from the internet. More exciting ,challenging levels. But even if I had completed it, i'd still go back and play it again and again and again. The game is very fun and deserves GOTW.

Overall this game is brilliant! I love it. Good work Alex!

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