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GOTM #379 winner: PILE & JAJE!
News posted 10th September, 2021 by Joshtek 1 Comment

Game of the Moment #379 has a winner, and its name is PILE & JAJE. Congratulations to Devid K (who also brought us Legend Of The Lake King and Bald Man) and thanks to everyone who took part!

We'll be doing the next Game of the Moment poll after we've determined the winner of the Time Trial by Fire competition from amongst the six entries:

Downloads recently released outside of that competition are:

And if you want to follow some projects? The most recent updates are for Project Zi (a platformer adventure being developed by vSv) and Furious Fighters (a retro-style Fighting Game being developed by Graeme2408).

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How Time Trial By Fire will be judged
News posted 21st August, 2021 by Joshtek 24 Comments

How theTime Trial by Fire competition will be judged:

  • Judges will provide a review of each game and rank them from best to worst.
  • The ranking will take into account gameplay, creativity and use of the theme.
  • The game with the highest ranking will be the winner.
  • If games are exceptional in specific areas then additional prizes will be awarded ('best graphics', etc.)

TDC Game Making Compo: Time Trial By Fire
News posted 7th August, 2021 by Joshtek 25 Comments

Hi all, 3kliksphilip suggested that we do a game making competition so I thought I'd give it a go. So I present to you:

The basics:

  • The theme of the competition is 'Time Tral by Fire'. That is to say, the game should have a 'time trial' mode and should involve fire somehow.
  • First place prize is a special tag at The Daily Click, DC Points, and listing as a GOTM winner.
  • You can work alone or as part of a group.
  • Multiple entries per person are allowed, but we would rather see one higher quality game than multiple lower-quality entries.
  • The deadline for submitting your game is 11:59pm on Friday the 3rd of September (UTC/GMT).

Additional restrictions:

  • It should be designed to minimise the impact of randomness on the score/time so that doing well feels earned rather than merely the result of luck. This means that the time it takes to complete the game (or how long someone survives at the game) will be indicative of the skill or experience of the player rather than whether or not the randomness was on their side in this particular playthrough.
  • Any instructions on how to play the game need to be contained with the game itself, e.g. in a help section the user can access.
  • The game needs to be made in a Click product such as Clickteam Fusion, Multimedia Fusion or The Games Factory.

To be part of the competition, all you need to do is submit the game to The Daily Click and say that it is an entry for the Time Trial By Fire competition within the game's description.

Note: Because this is my first time running a TDC competition I may tweak these rules slightly after feedback, but if I do then I'll let you know.

Poll: What do you want to see at TDC?
News posted 5th August, 2021 by Joshtek 4 Comments

I'm open to suggestions as to what content I should be focussing on next at The Daily Click, so please vote on which of the items you would most like to see.

Also feel free to suggest ideas for other things I could work on and it might make its way into a future poll!

GOTM #378 winner & #379 nominees
News posted 1st August, 2021 by Joshtek 1 Comment

The winner of Game of the Moment #378 is Hryak Legend with 5 votes. Congratulations MinkoedZamorVedro!

The nominees for GOTM #379 are:

  • Kitrinos: Inside the Cube, a short first-person puzzle/adventure game by Simon Mesnard and Yazorius of The Icehouse.
  • PILE & JAJE, a puzzle platformer with an interesting mechanic by Devid K.
  • Another Bubble Girl 2, an arcade game by Yai7 where Wendy goes elemental for the second time!
  • Block Fallerz, an Asymmetric 2 Player Arcade Fighting Game about falling blocks by Khloe.
  • Drag Racing, a drag racing simulator by MinkoedZamorVedro.

Also check out future GOTM contenders:

  • Knight's Quest RPG DEMO, a role playing game by BigAl0104 where you can can embark on an epic journey to rescue Princess Amelia from the evil Karlov!
  • Shrink and Destroy by Tomssuli, a mech platformer-shooter with boss fights!

P.S. I also run the Kliktopia archive, which has just launched an unofficial revival of the Vitalize! V-Cade. Go for the high-scores in these classic Click games making use of Yxkalle's Vitalize launcher!

New GOTM vote and chance to get involved
News posted 19th June, 2021 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Time to vote for Game of the Moment #378 using the sidebar:

  • Hryak Legend, a Role Playing Game by MinkoedZamorVedro where you play you play as middle-aged Russians taking revenge on the evil flying metalloloma because he destroyed the Soviet Union.
  • Inoculation, an arcade game by MonadoBoy64 where you are vaccinating people.
  • Flappy Burger, an arcade game by BigAl0104 which provides a random and funny take on a classic game.

Eagle-eyed visitors will notice that there are more recent games on the Downloads page which are not featured. These will be promoted and featured in GOTM #379.

Based on a suggestion from The_Antisony on a TDC forum post we are encouraging people to play and review old Click games. A good place to start is the TDC's Click Museum and Kliktopia's recommended games list. If you have trouble playing the games then check out my article on playing old Click games on Windows 10. If you want to review a game which is not listed at The Daily Click then you can do so using an article - in many cases you will be able to link to a version of the game at Kliktopia.

Retro reviews will be featured in future news posts as well as interviews with old-school Click developers (e.g. to learn about what they are doing now and how their Click experiences have helped them with their career) or updates and retrospectives that people post to the articles section. So, ready to take a trip down memory lane?

The story behind Zeb the TGF example game
News posted 24th April, 2021 by Joshtek 5 Comments

When I first installed The Games Factory I had great fun playing the demo games to see what was possible with the software. I have particularly fond memory for Zeb by Lee Bamber and Nolan Worthington.

What I have only just discovered is that an old demo of Zeb from August 1996 actually features a lot of behind-the-scenes information about the game. So, check out Zeb - The story behind the game and help celebrate the 25th anniversary of TGF!

Locked 7 has been... unlocked!
News posted 12th April, 2021 by Joshtek 4 Comments

In the most recent poll on how many Klik games you have purchased, sixteen said you had bought none, thirteen said 1-3, two said 4-7, two said 8-15 and four said 16+. I've bought many over the years, but one of the very first I got was Ap-Software's Locked 7 back in 1999, where I was one of around 56 people to get the it on a physical CD.

Locked 7 is an action puzzle adventure RPG with top-down fights and mazes (and a number of mini-games) made by The Daily Click's Rikus Kras (alongside Rene Kras, Jack Kwakman and Lucas Granito). The original source code was lost in around 1999.

The good news is that Rikus recently found the old source code after having been prompted by Jack Kwakman (one of the Locked 7 graphics artists) and myself via Twitter. Rikus has now re-released the game for free on the Kliktopia archive, and so we now we have a version which works on modern PCs and includes the missing movies, ending credits, and save/load feature which was omitted from the 'light' version that was released in 2006. Click here to download the full re-release of Locked 7 for free.

I've added the game to The Daily Click's Klik Museum and made it an entry at Kliktopia (which also features other Locked games and entries from Amazing Productions).

'Event Explorer' feature coming soon to Fusion 2.5+
News posted 3rd April, 2021 by Joshtek 6 Comments

Clickteam have announced: "Coming soon in the Fusion 2.5+ update 293.2 is a brand new feature. The 'Event Explorer' toolbar displays the list of event groups and when you click one it goes to the line in the event editor".

Check out the video to see what this forthcoming update to the Fusion 2.5+ DLC looks like:

A new month, a new name
News posted 1st April, 2021 by Joshtek 13 Comments

When this site launched around two decades ago it was named The Daily Click.

This name worked well for a long time, but now the updates are closer to being monthly and the focus is on Clickteam Fusion rather than Click & Create.

As such, on this very special day we are excited to announce the bold decision to adopt a new name for a new era:

According to our new brand manager Flair Loop: "We consulted 25% of The Daily Click's active userbase, which turned out to be two search bots name Dab and Koje. They loved the new name, so we're sure that you will too! Starting from today (1st April) we will be rolling out our new corporate identity across the board to create maximum synergy. With a name like this, the sky is the limit".

Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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