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Merry Clickmas 2022 from TDC!
News posted 25th December, 2022 by Joshtek 3 Comments

Merry Christmas from The Daily Click!

Want a blast from the festive past, check out this Klikcast Christmas Special from 2019!

The video features plenty of cameos alongside the following wintery games:

For more Christmas Click games check out Kliktopia's Christmas page. Want to make your own wintery game? There's still plenty of time to work on your entry for The Daily Click's Frosty Fusion Duality Jam!

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Frosty Fusion Duality Jam
News posted 17th December, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Frosty Fusion Duality

The theme

The theme of the game jam is winter, and all games must incorporate elements of ice, snow, and/or wind into their gameplay.

The game must include the ability to allow a single player control at least two entities at once (although you could allow for co-op as well if you wish). This includes allowing the player to alternate between controlling different entities.

The deadline

Games must be made using Clickteam Fusion and submitted to The Daily Click by the 22nd of January 2023 (in recognition of time zones, this actually means 6:00 UTC on 23rd January).

The Pitch

Winter is a season of magic, of snowflakes and warm fires, of hot cocoa and cozy blankets. It's a time for creativity and imagination to flourish, and what better way to tap into that creativity than by participating in a video game making competition?

So bundle up, grab your computer, and let your imagination run wild. Think about the types of games you love to play in the wintertime, and let that inspire you. Maybe it's a snowboarding game set in the Swiss Alps, or a puzzle game set in a cozy cabin in the woods. Whatever you dream up, Clickteam Fusion is a powerful tool that can help you bring it to life.

But don't just do it for yourself. Think about all the other people who will be playing your game. How can you make it fun and exciting for them? How can you use the winter theme to create a unique and immersive experience?

So let's embrace the magic of winter and create something truly special. Join the competition, and let's see what we can accomplish together.

The Rules

  1. Games must be made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (or earlier versions of Clickteam's software) and must be playable on a Windows 10 PC.
  2. Entries should be submitted to The Daily Click by the deadline using the 'submit a game' button by the deadline.
  3. Games may be of any genre or style, as long as they adhere to the theme and meet the other requirements of the game jam.
  4. Teams may consist of up to four people, and individuals may also participate. If any of the content is made by third parties or by AI then appropriate credit must be given.
  5. Games will be judged based on their gameplay and execution and on their creativity and use of the theme.
  6. If you want to, you can also send a message to Joshtek (or include it in the game description) which explains how you think your submission with meets the assessment criteria, e.g. any elements which you believe were especially creative - this will then be referenced within any assessment of the game.
  7. There will be no monetary prize. Winners will get DC Points and a special badge/tag.
  8. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any submissions that do not adhere to the rules of the game jam.
  9. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  10. Keep your eye out for any clarifications of tweak to these rules.
Thanks to msg, Magic Jewelry Nerd and ChatGPT for helping me to refine my ideas for this jam. Can you guess what elements ChatGPT helped with?

Chris Street has given us the gift of Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition
News posted 16th December, 2022 by Joshtek 1 Comment

The Daily Click's Chris Street (AKA Circy of Circlesoft / Team Ultimate) has posted a free version of Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition (for the PC) to The Daily Click! To quote Chris:

"On 15th December 2002, at the time of writing this, my original Zone Runner game was released, making the game 20 years old! For those who don't know, Zone Runner was one of the games which inspired the "N" series by Metanet Software and also my first truly popular game.

To celebrate this milestone, I have decided to release Zone Runner: Anniversary Edition for PC on the exact 20th anniversary of the original game. This is an enhanced version of the Android game released in 2018, rather than a fully blown new release. However I wanted to open up the experience so more players could enjoy and attempt to beat the game.

In this platformer, the objective is to traverse five zones, collecting coins and avoiding contact with anything bad. Enemies cannot be killed, but you can!"

This game was finalised in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. If you want to make your own games but don't yet have this software, then the good news is that Clickteam are currently offering a 65% discount for CF2.5 over on their store.

Also, keep an eye out for our month-long winter competition which I will be announcing very soon!

Kliktopia's Christmas and Custom Level Combo!
News posted 9th December, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Want to make Christmas content but don't have time to make a whole game? We've got you covered!

Kliktopia has a new Custom Levels section which lists games with custom level editors. You can upload your creations to Kliktopia via that same page, so you can consider making game for one or more of the customisable Christmas games on the site: Santas Challenge by Chris Y, Santasm 3 by Radix, and The Santa Mission by LIJI.

You can also check Piece Of Pie Software's Clickteam Christmas Compilation which features featuring A Kinda Isometric Christmas by Julian Solorzano, Bad Santas Attack by AlphaVi Software, Children from Stare Lubiejewo by adrian09_01, Christmas Sokoban by Plooscva and Downhill Santa by EHE which are all Christmas games listed at Kliktopia - warning: the video does contain a bit of swearing.

Christmas games are continuing to be added to the Piece of Pie YouTube Channel, including Click games such as Christmas Stone by Hishnak (and you can go into their archive to watch them play their own Christmas game The Geezer Christmas). The playthrough videos for these games have now been added to the respective entries for the games at Kliktopia. I've also just added a load of videos for non-Christmas games which have been generously recorded for Kliktopia by Ragey0. And you know who else is doing streams of Click games at the moment? WonkyGaming - although a lot of the content is South Park games, Wonky's latest stream includes other Click games such as Ninja Force which was published by BigAl0104 on The Daily Click back in November 2021.

Infinite Romeo & Hungry Hedgehogs 2022 win the Hi-Score Mash-up!
News posted 5th December, 2022 by Joshtek 1 Comment

The games were assessed by Joshtek and msg based on their gameplay, creativity and use of the theme and ranked into three tiers:

Participants received DC points and tags reflecting their ranking. Thanks to everyone who took part in this competition. It was really fun to play all of these games and see what you all came up with!

Click here for the judge comments.

Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam Entries (and Q on Winter compo)
News posted 25th November, 2022 by Joshtek 4 Comments

The entries are for the Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam so check them out while us judges are doing our reviewing thing. Also, check the bottom of this post for a question about whether you're interesting in a winter-themed competition.

Harry the Hedgehog submitted by BigAl0104. Can you help Harry recover his lady love, Hilda? Find out by playing this platformer!
Hungry Hedgehogs 2022 submitted by blazewasbored. Scaffolds and hedgehogs and dynamite... oh my!
Infinite Romeo: Pie In The Sky by Danni: "Enjoy endless generated levels of breezy platforming and more pies than you could ever eat!"
Lobotector by Tammy Spahn: "Everyone's throwing things at Lobo for some reason, and only you can protect him!"
Space Hedgehogs by LordHannu. Gracillis V with added hedgehogs. Pew pew!

Interested in taking part in a winter-themed Click game creation competition? Let us know below, as we'll run one if enough people show an interest. It also would be useful if you could give us an estimate of how long you think the competition should run for if we were to run it.

Kliktopia Online Hi-score System now available for your games!
News posted 15th November, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

You might have noticed that Kliktopia's Vitalize page features games with hi-scores. Well, now you can add hi-scores to your own games using a more advanced version of this service. Just send me a DC Mail letting me know what username you want and I'll create you an account and provide you with the details.

If you're participating in the Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam then you can use the template .mfa to integrate the hi-score service into your entry or you can just use the default Hi-score object and let me integrate it for you.

P.S. I missed off announcing two Click games from eearlier this year so I'll mention them now:

  • Shell, an action game made by Team Shell for the Armed Forces Jam where you play as a tank and you must shoot at buildings
  • Pakistan Resistance 2, a Shoot 'em 'up by MinkoedZamorVedro where you must once again defend the borders from multiple waves of attack

Happy Halloween and various games
News posted 31st October, 2022 by Joshtek Post A Comment

Happy Halloween! If you're interested in getting spooky then check out:

If you want to take a break from halloween (and working on your entry for the Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam), check out these new entries for The Daily Click:

Wilford - Deep Underground (early access) by Lazernaut: "A top down action game that plays like games of the 1980s and 1990s."
Triangle Bob and The Perilous Platforms by Moo Moo: "A [platform] game about something (most likely)."
flopsam by theottomanfbiagency: "infinite runner game about ocean trash."

Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam Extended!
News posted 24th October, 2022 by Joshtek 2 Comments

We've had some good feedback about the concept of the Hi-Score Mash-up Game Jam, but a number of people have said that they wouldn't be able to get a submission the were happy with completed in time for the initial deadline.

As nobody made a submission in time, I'm making it a month-long competition and extending the deadline to 11:59pm 20th November (GMT/UTC) which will make it a month-long competition.

I've also removed the requirement that the game be in a different genre to the original genre as it can be difficult to make a black-and-white judgement as to whether or not two games are part of the same genre. Instead the creativity criteria will reward entries which rework the original concept(s) in different ways or make the character(s) work well in a different genre.

TDC 60-hour Hi-Score Mashup Game Jam
News posted 21st October, 2022 by Joshtek 1 Comment

A weekend TDC game jam has begun. You have until 8 am on Monday 24th October GMT/UTC 11:59pm 20th November (GMT/UTC) to submit your entry, making this a 60-hour competition.

Hi-Score Mash-up Competition Rules:

  1. The game must be made made in Multimedia Fusion 2, The Games Factory 2 or Clickteam Fusion 2.5.
  2. The game will use hi-scores using the built-in hi-score object. I will subsequently make a build of the game which uses the Kliktopia online hi-score system which is currently in beta.
  3. The game should be centred on one the games from Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection (or a character from one of those games) but use a different genre to that game (e.g. if it is based on Zeb then it cannot be a shoot-em-up platform game). Graphics don't have to be original, so you can use graphics from the source game or library graphics. Bring in enemies and elements from other Click demo games for maximum mash-up fun!
  4. Games will be ranked by msg and Joshtek based on their merits, taking into account gameplay, creativity and use of the theme.
  5. The game itself should include a statement that it was made for The Daily Click's October 2022 Hi-Score Mash-up, state the names of the author(s) of the game and give credit to the original game and Clickteam.
  6. Send me a DC Mail with a link to your competition entry before the deadline of 9am on Monday 24th October 2022 (UTDC/GMT). The DC mail should include (1) The Name of the Game, (2) The name of the Clickteam Demo Game you are using as your primary inspiration, and (3) Confirmation that I can publish the game on The Daily Click and Kliktopia.
  7. If you have trouble hosting the game then you can upload it via the Kliktopia Uploader instead, but still send me a DC Mail.

Prize: DC Points and a recognition tag.

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