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Review: The Shima Bros
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 15/04/2009

Oh, how I adore those colorful games that you just hop around shoot stuff. This time with 4 people, HOLY COW!!!
A slick and polished presentation, can't say much other than that.

Well, what can you expect from a basic platformer? Not much, but there were a few things that bothered me: - The levels are basically waiting for you to fall down to oblivion. It's so frustrating to be close to the end, and then lose one of the brothers to the endless pits of the island. - You just go through the same locations 4 times. There are some levels that I would just turn into auto player mode, go through the boring track while imagining some dreamy click game. And then one of the brothers dies and you want to shoot yourself. - The players start in different places, and it could've been a great idea if the levels were so small that you end up being in the same spot 60 seconds later. There's no chance to make it on your own, and maybe meeting only the in exit in at least one level would've been great.

The graphics are colorful and semi professional looking, it still has a home made feeling to it (which isn't a bad thing). I'd love to see more tiles in each level type, and more variation with the enemies instead of having 2 types of nearly identical snakes. I enjoyed looking at the levels map, don't know what was so fascinating about it. Heh.

I don't recall wanting to murder anyone because of the music, which is good, it means it's not annoying nor repetitive. On the other hand, considering the time I spent playing (and dying), no tune was particularly catchy and got my attention. It was...neutral.

I can't imagine myself playing any level more than I need to. I already went through it 4 times at least, why on earth would I want to go back there?

Yeah, it's nice I guess. Painfully basic and mundane at times, but it's fun if you have a few minutes to kill and looking for a quick no brainer, also it has a plot that might keep you hooked...personally I found it to be pretty silly and a bit unsatisfying (POTENTIAL SPOILER AHEAD: pretty much all you've been through is for nothing).

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