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Review: The Shima Bros
Author: >NzR<
Added: 06/03/2003

(For start i want to say that i have not made it to the end of this game!..)

You are the Shima Brothers and you have to get to the end of the level (left side of the screen) with all the brothers!! (It sounds pretty easy, but it is not)
Every single brother has his/her own special abilities! i.e. red brother (i dont know name) can throw hammers, blue one can throw knives, green brother can throw something strange goo..? and the fourth (the yellow guy) can throw his boumerang..

Every level has some special stones/rocks/blocks/things and only one of the brothers can destroy the blocks.. In the block is a mark, and this guy, who has the weapon the block shows, can destroy the block..

You can, and you have to move all the brothers.. You can change the brother by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4..
You move all the brothers so, that every one can manage to the end of the level..
If someone drops to the pit, loses all his energy and so on, you have to start all over the level, from beginning..
I think the lives doesn't really do anything, because you can just press continue and start there, where you were.. (Sounds cool!)

This game has 16 levels and a story-line (a good one)..
First you have to find the pieces for the hot-air-balloon, then you have to find pieces of map, but when you have done all that stuff, the guy has dissapeared?
Then i have no idea how this game continues??? X)

Graphics are nice, but i have to say that i hate when the screen size is changed.. It seems like bad Graphics.. Well thats only my apinion..

Sounds and musics also fit pretty well to this game.. Some nice music and a couple of samples!

Well.. Here comes the + & the -!!


-good story
-the brother changing thing
-it's pretty hard for me
-different weapons
-level desing
-pretty long levels


-screen change stuff
-not much different samples and musics
-some extra-hard places!! (?)

OK.. Think this is a best click-platformer i've seen, (ofcourse after ZoneRunner X))

Sound and Music:

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