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Review: The Shima Bros
Author: Spram
Added: 26/02/2003

You are the Shima brothers, all four of them, and must help some explorer find pieces of different stuff he lost in this awesome plataformer.

First thing you'll notice are a few bad graphics. Dont let that fool you, the graphics in this game are great, but some, like the picture of the Shima brothers in the title screen and the palm trees could be better.

So like "The Lost Vikings" you must guide all four shima brothers to the goal of each level, usually a piece of what the explorer is looking for. Each brother uses a different weapon and some blocks can only be destroyed by that weapon so each brother must not only get to the end of the level but also create a path for the others. Switching from one Shima to another is done excellently. There is a bar at the top of the screen taht shows you each Shima's health, if an uncontroled Shima that is being attacked by an enemy it will flash and make a noise and you will notice that shima is under attack. Place you Shimas in a safe place before changing characters!

The graphics are simple, cute and very Kirby-like and fitting. The menus and level select screen are all very profesionally done. I like them and the music that accompanies them are very good (even if the beach level's music loops too much and stops the action for a while while it loops), the sound effects are perfect, from the menu screen blips to hits and weapon effects.

The level design is pretty good, the only two problems are that the only way one shima can help another is limited to destroying different types of blocks and that you must traverse the level 4 times with each character, but the levels are pretty small (not small but perfect in size) so it doesn't take too long to make the same 5 jumps 4 times consecutively to reach the goal.

The game is also big, there are plenty of levels to keep you playing and you'll probably want to play the game again, it's that fun. And the cutscenes are pretty funny, you can also jump them by pressing enter, but maybe you wont want to.

This is a really great game, the only thing keeping this from Eternal Daughter levels of awesomeness is the graphics, which are still pretty good anyway.

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