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Review: The Shima Bros
Author: blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 02/03/2003

At first I was expecting somthing nasty the whole shima brothers package had cute fluffy cranium melting pain written all over it I mean im the guy who blood soaked games like brainless, samuryan and dark war 2 and makes gory manga style games this doesnt stand a chance in hell but to my surprise this turned out to be one of the most inotavive platform experiance ive played (well on dc that is).

Ok this is pretty good and has the sort of look of your standard GBA game although the character design on the main menu screen is a little deformed its all very proffesional looking.

This is were this game comes into its own.
Using a simular formula to retro snes classic lost vikings you take control of 4 different characters who just happen to be dotted around randomly across the map.
By pressing 1-4 on your numberpad you control 1 of the 4 shimma brothers whilst the others stand still looking gormless.
Each Brother has their own special attack which can be used to destroy different paths and you have to use all these powers combined to create a path to the balloon piece at the end of the level.
This is a truely remarkable idea and im glad to say shimma brothers pulls it off without a hitch.
You also need to keep the 3 inactive characters from coming to harms way (ie its not a very good idea leaving them in an aera where the snakes regenerate) however any one one of your characters dies then its back to the menu screen to start again.
Although my one moan are the lack of any real enemies its just boring regenerating snakes and crabs where the challenge.

Deffinatly do the job and have a wonderfull super mario world feel to them with it own pastel coloured world booted in but lack detail but I guess considering the subject matter thats understanable.

I love the carribian music its very relaxing and soothing and makes the game feel a lot more lively because of it.

Well I still haven't found all the map pieces (one more to go) but I have been on it for a good half an hour which is good for any klik game if you ask me.

So in conclusion shima brothers is an essential download a laid back innoative and fun game what more could you ask for really (well apart from missiles, big robots, samurai swords,ass kicking ninja babes etc)

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