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Review: Crystal Towers
Author: OFFINC/Aharms
Added: 16/05/2005

After one poor review and another review simply mocking the former, I felt like this game deserved a decent review.

Ok. Over all the game is quite good. What stood out most for me was the music.

The first catchy level theme made me want to play it over and over. The scrolling intro and theme was badass.

The graphics were pretty good. The retro style worked for the backrounds but I found the hero and enemy graphics a bit weak.

The gameplay was initially fun but has it's problems. First, there is no incentive to kill the enemies. They aren't menacing, and the levels are easier beaten if you ignore them. In later levels this is better, like the squished down mushroom guys in Walnut Creek. Second, the level set up is very loose and non-linear. If the game had a less linear goal than just reaching the other side to get a diamond it would work. With this premise I feel it would be better to have more structured and linear levels. The levels reminded me of Sonic the Hedge Hog, open and ultimately uni-direction, but without the choreographed ramp tricks etc. The level selection is a nice touch.

The sound effects fit well.

The game's story I found to be pretty weak. The story section in the menu seems unnessary. Because the story wasn't very developed or encorporated into the rest of the game it would have been better off left out.

Other than that, keep up the good work! It is good to see quality on this site.

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