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Review: Crystal Towers
Author: MekahDexa
Added: 17/05/2005

Crystal Towers. What a game. I have been waiting so long for this game to come, but unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I'd hoped.

Presentation 08/10
Excellent presentation. The main menu was non-static, and the parallax backgrounds were a very nice touch. Although, it did slow down a little when the title showed up, but that may be because my computer is slightly aged.

Gameplay 06/10
Just like Watkins, this game's gameplay was it's downfall. It is annoying that one touch with an enemy will halve your collection of gems, quite annoying when you're trying to get an extra life. Also, the places where the enemies were put were bad. Example: In Storm Canyon you jump over to another platform, and then a fast enemy zips by and pushes you off, completely unpredicted. Also, I noticed this part in Walnut Creek when you jump on a spring up to a bridge, straight into a mushroom, and you can't see it at first because the bridge was so high. Of course, you could see it if you looked up, but who would bother to check what's above every single spring? Also, it doesn't have a save/load system, which can become really annoying if you've got far and died, but maybe that's just a retro element or something. Other than that, the gameplay was pretty good. The levels are non-linear, which makes them explorable, and after every level, you can select which route to take next.

Graphics 07/10
The graphics were pretty average, the backgrounds look like they were made quickly, and the main character hasn't got a black outline around him, which doesn't blend in with the rest of the graphics, which were outlined in black.

Sound and Music 09/10
Excellent. The music was very good and catchy (were they made by the author?) and the sounds fitted in very good.

Lastability 08/10
Although it's frustrating, it's surprisingly addictive. After you play, you still want another go (except if you are REALLY frustrated!) it's route select system makes you want to explore other levels too, so it isn't very repetitive.

Overall 07/10
Almost as annoying as Watkins, but still, it's a really addictive game, and it's music and parallax scrolling were superb! If there is a Crystal Towers 2, please, please add a Save/Load system!

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