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Review: Crystal Towers
Author: Nuklear41
Added: 10/05/2005

How could I not. I just like this game. I just wanna smear whip cream all over it and eat it up......but I cant..........amendment 1225454 is restricting me from that. This is a years work of game and it is great game I think, wait I know. Here is what it got.

Presentation: I give it a nine on the presentation thing. The title was klik ass and it rocked. It has a cool scrolly back ground and a really nice font and colors for the name. I will give this a great.

Gameplay: as far a side scrolling games and there gameplay, this one is not half bad. I am not the biggest fan of side scrollers and other stuff like that but this game is not half bad. It is cool with all the points and the back ground and stuff but there was nothing special.

Graphics: THey are not bad. NOt the best but not bad. It all flows with the game the whole time. I like it verymuch. I sound chineese. Verymuch!!!!!

Sound and music: THe sound is great and the music flows with the game the whole way through. I like the starting music how it starts up hard when it starts to scroll. He also used so little songs and noises in this game. THere is like 6 noises and they all rock. I love the noise when you fall down the pit.

Lastabuilty: THis game is jsut about as long lasting as the jrpg. It has multiple levels and 4 different paths to take durring the corse of the game. That is unique IF i could say something.

Overall: I give the overal of this game an 8 because that is the average of the whole scale and what not. Bye.

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