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Review: Mario In Worlds Unknown 2 : Return of Koopa
Author: Airflow
Added: 09/02/2004

"mario jumps too high"

Those comments where never a complaint.
They where a genuin fault with the game.
He dosen't jump too high.
He just falls too slow, giving the illusion
of jumping high. And this makes the game
way to easy to finish. I finished the game, first try on normal mode with relitave ease.

You have plenty of time to carefully guide
your charactor through the obsticles.
Where simple jumps leave you actually waiting to hit the ground. This tests many peoples patients.(inc me!)

Ofcourse, those are just the negatives.
This game has excellent presentation.
(Other than a few grammer muck ups.)
With a well appreceiated into and many levels
with a nice title screen and all, the presentation is near perfect.

The graphics kick ass instantly because they
where drawn by pro's. The mario is 3d rendered
and the backgrounds and everything else are all
ripped well.Even a few of his own gfx are in the
game as well as a few pics of the intro. Which is good. No problems what so ever.

Sound and music is not repeditive.
There's just not many sound fx.
And the music is a little dull.But it's a change from hearing the same old mario tracks over and over from sooooooo many mario fan games.

(clone = good) (fan game = bad)
This game is inbetween. It has a real mario feel
to it that will make you sigh in relief when you start to play.Even though it's not ment to!
But the game is missing the basic mario elements that it should have.

ie.Bricks smash, ? blocks, different types of mario and the kill baddy in game that really should be there.

Mario should mean a mario game.
Not a random shotgun shoot zombies game with mario gfx slapped on top of it due to lazy animators.

The lastability was at first honestly crap.
But after the completion of 12 levels you
get 4 different endings depending on
how many mushies you collect.(Hope I didn't spoil anything there spacemen)
This gave it a real boost and the wantingnss
to play through it again to see the best ending.
So I took the Lastability from 5 to 8 on that one.

Fundamentally enough I would give it's lastability 10/10 if this game had a super difficult secret world or somthing.

As the jump time to hit the ground hurts my brain. But if you happen to download it, Ignor this as much as you can and you will have a fun game. It's also a bit easy.(Still a major improvement over the first)
I give it a 7 / 10.

I look forward to version 3 if there is one.

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