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Review: Mario In Worlds Unknown 2 : Return of Koopa
Author: OOOPPPs
Added: 24/01/2003

MARIO!! can i say anythig less?? the worlds most popular plumber has made anothe appearance in various fan games, some good, others mediocre and others... dont mention them. Return of Koopa however would be good if not hindered by several problems, which detract from the gameplay.

Firstly there is no killing the enemies… WHAT?? Theres no jumping on those turtle guys and juggling their shells?!?? I hear you say? Yes there aint, this I feel is the main drawback of this otherwise fine game. Whenever the player jumps on the turtles, they are immediately transported back to the beginning of the level to retry, very frustrating when there is no death animations or indications.

Secondly, the platform engine of the game aint all too good. Mario for starters jump waaaay too high, but this may be acceptable since the aim of the game is to dodge the enemies, however, this also makes the game abit less challenging that it deserves to be. This is also partly induced by the slow and spacious levels which require a lot of jumping and if im not mistaken no collection of bonuses from those [?] boxes.

Finally the last grip maybe due to personal taste, but ripped gfx are really not my style, although without it then it wont be true to Mario’s tradition (neither is the gameplay). However, the 8/10 mark is largely due to the lack of clashing between the ripped gfx. But the cut scenes look quite good and if they’re original then great, but if not then go and practice =

All in all, this game is ok for a fan game, but its best for the creator to make something more original or just continue Xiper Island Blast instead (which by the way shows a lot more promise)

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