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Review: Mario In Worlds Unknown 2 : Return of Koopa
Author: CsaR
Added: 20/01/2003

Ok, time for me to review again . I would like to start off with that I may not be as kind as the other reviewers. I would probably never give a 10 to a game unleass it is super-good.

Presentation: The menus were quite good actually. They were quick and easy to use. Also you had decorated it quite nicely and they didn't bother me in any way. The breif presentation when you start a new game was quite nice to and gave all the necessary information to the game. The presentation was probably one of the best things in this game.

Gameplay: Okay, i have nothing against fan games really what's the point of making a game which is exactly as another....but i won't hold that against you. The jumping is a bit slow for a mario game, but maybe that was your intention? It pretty dull not beeing able to kill the monsters also and you aren't that motivated to grab all the coins and mushroom because the shop only occured ones. Still the game is pretty addictive in someway. Maybe because of the easy controls and fairly easy levels.

Graphics: Sorry but i don't like the idea with ripped graphics about 1/3 of the game that you want to call your own is taken from some other game. I would of have appreciated the game more if you tried to paint your own next time because the graphics is our window to your game and if they are ripped I get the feeling that this isn't really your game. Anyway you did a pretty good job ripping them .

Sound and Music: The sounds suit the game quite well. I have nothing special to comment in this point. Midis were quite good and suitable for the levels and so were the sound effects.

Lastability: The game got quite one tracked after a while and I wanted to stop many times, but I didn't. Maybe because the game was easy and the story was just enough to hold me to the game. The last boss was pretty much like the boss you had in your first game if i remember correctly and that was a little dissapointing when i actually had played the whole game through.

Overall: I think it was a quite okay Mario game which captured that special thing Mario games has. But the game had ripped graphics and the gameplay wasn't that challenging and didn't have that much variety, always jumping around grabbing almost useless coins and mushrooms. Hope you take the criticism well and i wish you all luck to your next games .

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