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Review: Mario In Worlds Unknown 2 : Return of Koopa
Author: Soul Keeper
Added: 19/01/2003

This game was really fun in my opinion. I enjoyed playing it.

Presentaion: (9/10)
The presentaion was good. It had a straight forward menu and it displayed more details than the fist, and also had a backround. It could've been better if it had a skip-able establishing cinematic, but its only a suggestion.

Gameplay: (8/10)
Simple game. Control mario and collect coins and mushrooms, and most of all...avoid the enemies! I didn't mind the gameplay, or the jumping strength. I still loved the game. As far as enemy stomping goes, there were times when I really wished you could stomp, but most of the time i found that avoiding the enemies kinda adds more of a challenge, which isn't bad in my opinion. I really liked the idea of the 2 player.

Graphics: (8/10)
Although most of the grapics were ripped, I thought the graphics were just fine. Adding more original graphics would be better, but still only a suggestion. All in all, the graphics were pretty good.

Sound and music: (9/10)
Good old fashion mario music! The music fitted the levels more better this time 'round.

Lastablility: (7/10)
I don't have much to say on lasability other than this game is probably not much on lastability once you finish it, but then again i thought it was really fun so i'll probably be playing it for awhile.

Overall: (8/10)
Overall, im gonna give it an 8 out of 10. It was fun and the gameplay was alright to me. Most of the graphics were ripped, but at least some of em were original. I liked this game. I recommend trying it if you haven't downloaded it. Its not abig file either. My compliments to lord spaceman.

Sound and Music:

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