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Review: Super Mario in Worlds Unknown
Author: X-Member2692
Added: 09/01/2003

MAMA MIA! Some one has taken the beloved Mario bros. series, ripped the graphics(which were not good for ripped graphics.) and wonderful sounds and made this pitiful peice of newbie,wannabe, bizzarro trash fan game.

I like the first screen but the rest is wasy too average and dosent resemble mario games at all.

Game Play
Theres no bouncing on enemies, fireballs, or flying or even huge flag poles or secret areas. The game uses the default engine and as you know that just dosent cut it, its 2003 go find Snipers Custom Platform Movment engine article, its easy. Because this game dosent rememble mario an just about any way, he cant even fight back! In Pedro land you could go down pipes, in super bors the enemies actually fight you. And whats the point of those mushrooms? As I recall those gave extra lives in the REAL mario games.

Average at best. If the user was trying to get this game to resemble any Mario game it wolud be the orignal NES Mario Bros. because this one is just too plain and dull to stand up to that game graphically. And whats with Mario? Ive never seen that sprite before, but it dosent look good at all. Try ripping all the GFX to keep things persistant.

The only positive thing to this game is all the ripped sounds. But all my SFX are ripped too so who am i to judge on that part.

5 or six pointless levels of jumping over things, I got bored and quit after the third level. Enjoy this at your own risk.

Unoriginal and dull, this is the bottom of the barrel for fan games, which is very, very sad. Maybe if you made an orginal platformer I would go easy on you. But I never thought I'd day this, If you want a more fun Mario Clone try Pedro Land or Super Bros.

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