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Review: Super Mario in Worlds Unknown
Author: AndyUK
Added: 07/01/2003

Thre is a nice title screen at the start and theres nothing wrong with it at all. you can see the highscores or read the help, there is a usefull tip on pressing the jump button before moving to avoid getting stuck becasue of the engine. Us clickers know that but we arent the only ones who play click games. The presentation all looks professional enough.

Sorry, but there isnt any. Well there isnt a lot of it anyway. All you can do is jump (very high) over enemies and collect stuff.
Its very easy too whilst playing through I didnt die until the 8th level and that was for falling off a platform. Its all okay but a bit boring to be honest.

The graphics are pretty good but then they are almost all ripped, but ripped well. The levels are a little scarce though it may have been a better idea to use a smaller screen instead of having huge empty screens.
I liked the fact that the mario sprite is from mario rpg and not the 2d games.

Sound and music
I cant remember hearing any sound effects, Thats not a bad thing though becasue the amount of jumping going on the sound effects might have got annoying.
The music is okay. They are midis of the original mario games (im not sure about some). They are fairly good midis not great but good.

I dont think this has a lot of life in it because each level is practically the same and there is only a little replay value, to get that high score.
I got bored before finishing but then i do get bored easily others may play through to the end but i doubt they will come back to this.

Its not a bad game really but it is worse than most of the games released today and isnt much fun at all.

.Draw your own sprites or ask someone else to.
.Think of a few ideas to put into the game because jumping and collecting is boring
.Try using music other than mario games that we have all heard before in a million other fangames.

Sound and Music:

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