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Super Mario in Worlds Unknown
Author: Lord Spaceman Submitted: 29th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 513

This is a game I made a few months back. It's a staight forward and simple platformer. In this Mario game, you don't bash blocks or kill enemies at all, you just have to avoid the enemies. I've added a help section in the game. The game has a simple story, 8 stages and a last boss. I hope every one enjoys it as I did making it for you. The sequel is on the way and you will NOT be dissapointed as the graphics in the second one have been polished and tweaked a lot...

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Posted by HOSJ 29th December, 2002

Oh my goodness.
Posted by BJ Turner 29th December, 2002

Pretty good game I would give it an 8.
Posted by -_darkman_- 29th December, 2002

looks good,i'll download it
Posted by -_darkman_- 29th December, 2002

i played it to the last level and thought i was very good but had a few flaws.You need a custom platform engine,make the game harder and dont make mario jump as high. Also add an animation for mario slipping on the ice. It would look good
Posted by Partack 29th December, 2002

Mario Game! W000T! xD
Posted by Partack 29th December, 2002

Argh >_< i h8 it when the game installer crashes :(
Posted by Partack 29th December, 2002

Ha Haaaa Wicked Game Man.. Apsalutely brill =) i enjoyed playing it! a TRUE mario fan's game =) (i died on the bowser boss >_<) xD
Posted by CYS 29th December, 2002

Best klik gan game ever made. :)
Posted by CYS 29th December, 2002

Best klik gan game ever made. :)
Posted by HOSJ 29th December, 2002

I love the Crystal Palace Remix on the ice levels :) (yes i am another fan of Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG :) )
Posted by Beta 29th December, 2002

nice job but yes mario kinda jumps too high best mario fan game i have ever played though
Posted by Adam Dobay 30th December, 2002

It's not that bad. I didn't like it up to the 5th level because it was very repetitive and highly non-challenging. Then it got better, but still, it won't be one of my favourites. But you can simply create an object beneath Mario's legs that destroys enemies. Also, you could really make a better dying routine (look at my Super Mouse game to see how easy these are to do).
Posted by DaBreegster 30th December, 2002

Posted by XxAznDrag0nxX Danny 30th December, 2002

yes a mario game!!!!! i have a lot of mario games!!
Posted by Lord Spaceman 30th December, 2002

Thanks for such positive comments guys ! I never knew how many people liked my game ! Wow ! I'm overwhelmed ! Now have even more inspiration for the second one and I PROMISE you it will be better and you will NOT be disappointed. Sorry to you guys that didn't find the game fun or challenging, but the next one will be. I am hoping to release the sequel in about 2 weeks time or less and thanks again for your guys postive comments !!!
Posted by Death Reaper X 31st December, 2002

Make mario jump on them and this'd be really good :)
Posted by DaBreegster 31st December, 2002

The game rocked! Just get the sequel out soon!
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st December, 2002

couldn't download! any ideas?
Posted by Jaffa [Mpp] 1st January, 2003

This looks awesome!
Posted by David Niemeyer 3rd January, 2003

NOOOO!!! now my half assed Mario game is gonna fall off the charts! Oh well better get started on a new one...
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

Nice game, I died On Bowser Though
Posted by Matt 6th January, 2003

like we need another Mario game.... Sounds cool though!
Posted by DaBreegster 6th January, 2003

Don't listen to those guys! Keep making it, I really want the sequel! I have played this game at least 10 times all the way through! Get the sequel out soon!
Posted by Peblo 6th January, 2003

Wow, a lot of hype over a fan game (bad one, seen better).... :(
Posted by bigdave 7th January, 2003

its not crap but could be better. how come u can't kill the baddies by jumpin on em?
Posted by DaBreegster 7th January, 2003

Well, it's the best mario fangame I've seen! Keep it up! (Jumping on baddies and killing them would be nice though)
Posted by Soul Keeper 8th January, 2003

Fun game. I'm looking forward to the sequel.
Posted by AndyUK 8th January, 2003

All you need to do is .make mario jump lower .more difficulty .able to kill the enemies and possibly .look into custom engines .other mario moves like picking up shells, sliding down hills, swimming. .custom graphics
Posted by Rik 9th January, 2003

Linkin Park in a mario game!? lol The main problem in this game is the super-low gravity. It's as if he's on the moon. I think the sprite you used doesnt suit the rest of the game either, especially since it's an isometric view sprite (taken from mario RPG). I like the level designs, very mario-esque. It might have been better if you could jump on the enemies, maybe you could have spiked enemies which you couldn't jump on as well though. I thought the game didnt seem very hard, but then I game-overed on level 8-ish, so maybe it is challenging enough :)
Posted by DaBreegster 11th January, 2003

Posted by DaBreegster 11th January, 2003

NO LISTEN TO ME! BE QUIET CHICKEN! I CAN make games, maybe not as good as some people! But please get the sequel out soon!
Posted by DaBreegster 12th January, 2003

ANd I would give this game a 10! In fact, I'll review it right now!
Posted by Lord Spaceman 13th January, 2003

Okay okay okay...first of all the sequel is nearly finished. Second of all the reason he jumps so high, can touch enemies and is sooo easy is a choice I made to appeal to more people. This is the first proper game I've made and if chicken doesn't like it, he can take himself and commit suicide. This is my game and I'll make it any way I choose and want and if you have a problem, you can go #$@! yourself. This game is called Mario in Worlds Unknown not Chicken's Gay Super Mario Game or Super Mario Bros. okay ??? Has everyone got that clear ! Do you !? Thank you !!!
Posted by Lord Spaceman 13th January, 2003

Good News ! I've just completed the sequel right now. It currently stands at Version 1.00 (Because it's just been released !) I'm sending to all my friends now to undergo bug testing and the game should be up in less that a week. The sequel is titled Mario In Worlds Unknown 2 : Return Of Koopa and is set four years after the first one and is MUCH better. It has a Multi-Player mode, a better story, cheat codes, 4 different endings, a shop, over 12 stages, a last boss, secret levels, more of a challenge and the game is MUCH longer ! I've spent about three weeks on it now !
Posted by AndyUK 15th January, 2003

tone it down a little chicken would you?
Posted by Rik 15th January, 2003

"Second of all the reason he jumps so high, can touch enemies and is sooo easy is a choice I made to appeal to more people" Well that didnt work then.. :S
Posted by Andrew 19th January, 2003

kool game
Posted by Lord Spaceman 21st January, 2003

Thanks Andrew...check out the sequel, it's up here in The Daily Click right now, go download ! :)
Posted by DaVince 29th January, 2009
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