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Review: Super Mario in Worlds Unknown
Author: Max
Added: 06/01/2003

Mario is back for more adventures, yet his stomping shoes seems to have worn off pretty badly...

Presentation, graphics and sound

It's so much of an hassle to review these three categories separately so I'll do all of them simultaneously.

The game's presentation is rather average. It uses poor menus, a not-so-pretty interface, and all of the graphics and sound effects have been borrowed from various Mario games, although it's somehow excusable since it's intended to be a Mario fan game and any other graphics or sounds wouldn't give a proper Mario feeling to the game. Some of the music in the game is pretty nice, even though it is straight from the Mario games.


This is the poor part of the game. It's intended to be a Mario clone, but it doesn't even manage to do half of the things that any Mario game has done before. When I was 6 years old, I thought that Mario was a game about stomping enemies, collecting coins and collecting powerups such as mushrooms, stars and magic flowers. What's up in this game then? You only collect coins. Stomping any enemy is out of question, as you'll only bruise your toes and your whole person, thus restarting the level. You do also collect mushrooms in the game, but I have no friggin idea about how useful they are in the game. I've collected more than 100 of these in the game yet it doesn't seemed to change anything. The challenge level is also very low, as a 4-year old child could play through most levels without losing a single life (the only life I've lost in the whole game before the Bowser battle was when I tryed jumping on an enemy). The Bowser battle was challenging, though. It's mostly due to the fact that your bullets almost miss Bowser all the time and since Mario jumps so high, you'll bang your head on a pickaxe thrown by Bowser while jumping across the lava pit. All enemies uses a path movement (it really doesn't look pretty on the flying Troopas, too), which is something that hampers platform games a lot. So, in brief, this is a simple coin collecting game, and although it is kind of fun, those expecting a quality Mario game will be deceived.


There's a fair ammount of levels, but you'll probably play through the game a single time. There's not much stuff that'll bring you back to this game.


Super Mario in Worlds Unknown is fun, yet it doesn't cut it as a Mario clone. No enemy killing and coin/mushroom collecting will just deceive anybody expecting a good Mario game in there. If you ignore this fact, then you'll find it fun for a while, but you'll grow tired of it's average gameplay after a while. It's not a good Mario game, but it's not the worst one either. If you want to see the worst Mario game ever, do check the URL below.

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