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Project: DataJack
Project Started: 31st July, 2008 Last Update: 22nd November, 2013
Project Owner: Rick Shaw Project Members:
Project Type: game Project Progress:
More Info: Faves: 27

Project Archive

November 2013
  DataJack is done!!!

July 2013
  Missions are Done!!!

March 2013
  AI and LOS overhaul complete

February 2013
  DataJack is back!

September 2012
  More stealthy gameplay

July 2012
  Finally some new gameplay footage

June 2012
  Website, seriously

April 2012
  Should be Getting a Website Soon

February 2012
  Classic Cyberpunk

January 2012
  Content Creation

December 2011
  Cycle Complete

August 2011
  Between Missions

July 2011
  DataJack continues

January 2011
  work continues

November 2010
  The Grand Reveal: I am Epic Banana

October 2010
  Level Creation

August 2010
  The Firing Range Tutuorial Level is an Ancient and Honored Tradition
  Level Creation Begins

May 2010
  Some new footage finally!

April 2010
  Working on A.I.

January 2010
  new gameplay footage
  not dead!

September 2009
  Two more videos

August 2009
  Gameplay Footage!

July 2009
  that's more like it!
  some graphical updates

June 2009
  not dead, sorry

December 2008
  recent developments

September 2008
  current developments

August 2008
  features list (tentative)
  destructible walls

July 2008

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