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destructible walls
Posted 11th Aug 08, by Rick Shaw  
The last game I saw with destructible walls was Red Faction, and before that, X-Com. I don't know why we don't see this feature more often, as it creates so much potential for strategy and makes the environment that much more dynamic. In any case, I have implemented destructible walls in my engine:

Setting the explosive:

The aftermath, with smoke clouds and a new hole in the southern corner of our building:

The limitations of this method are several, but nothing with horrible implications for the gameplay: for one, I can't alter the shadowmap as easily as the collision map. Second, after destroying all the walls the roof will still exist and float on nothing.

In my perfect vision in my head, there would be a real-time lighting system for all the game elements, and a physics engine to determine realistic roof collapse. I'll settle for this, for now; I'm very pleased with it.

Posted by Jon C-B 12th August, 2008

Everything looks great except the guy IMO.
Posted by Rick Shaw 12th August, 2008

as i'm just working out the engine, all graphics are subject to change
Posted by 3kliksphilip 13th August, 2008

You coud try a game on this website called Deragon Eremine. That has destructable walls.


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