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Project: DataJack
Project Started: 31st July, 2008 Last Update: 22nd November, 2013
Project Owner: Rick Shaw Project Members:
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Preview I'm putting together the engine for an isometric, mission-based stealth action game with a cyberpunk setting. Emphasis is on creating tight action, complex AI and data networks. This game will be a spiritual successor to a Klik n Play title created in the late 90s.

I'm keeping a separate website now for the game, where it will eventually be released. Stop by and leave a comment!

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DataJack is done!!!
Posted 22nd Nov 13, by Rick Shaw 4 Comments
Finally, after five years of work. Thanks for sticking with it, y'all. Full updates on my blog, . Thanks to everyone in the forums who helped me with klik coding advice!
Missions are Done!!!
Posted 16th Jul 13, by Rick Shaw Post A Comment
Finally, I have completed all of the missions I need. The bulk of the work on content is DONE.

Right now I'm working on the flavor text: mission descriptions, dialogue, incidental text, etc.

Then I need to link up the missions using the reputation / faction system, then playtest and balance.

Basically, DataJack is very nearly done. The plan is still to release it on Desura (

Stay tuned! And drop in on my blog, !
AI and LOS overhaul complete
Posted 13th Mar 13, by Rick Shaw 3 Comments
I have overhauled the AI and line-of-sight calculations. This has reduced slowdown by orders of magnitude- whereas before it could support maybe 4-5 characters on screen with noticeable slowdown, I can now have 10-12+ characters without a hit to the FPS.

This is incredible!

Also, the guards are much much smarter now and behave a lot more like they should.

Basically, I have no more reservations about the game, and I'm just trying to finish it up and get it out at this point.

For more updates, check my blog at
DataJack is back!
Posted 27th Feb 13, by Rick Shaw Post A Comment
Or rather, it never left... (besides a busy season around the holidays)

I'm making the push for my final few missions, an A.I. overhaul, and then balancing. This last surge of effort should see the completion of the project... When DataJack is done, it'll be published on Desura.

For more info, check my devblog at, which I'll be trying to update more regularly.

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