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Project: DataJack
Project Started: 31st July, 2008 Last Update: 22nd November, 2013
Project Owner: Rick Shaw Project Members:
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AI and LOS overhaul complete
Posted 13th Mar 13, by Rick Shaw  
I have overhauled the AI and line-of-sight calculations. This has reduced slowdown by orders of magnitude- whereas before it could support maybe 4-5 characters on screen with noticeable slowdown, I can now have 10-12+ characters without a hit to the FPS.

This is incredible!

Also, the guards are much much smarter now and behave a lot more like they should.

Basically, I have no more reservations about the game, and I'm just trying to finish it up and get it out at this point.

For more updates, check my blog at

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 14th March, 2013

I check TDC every day in case one of my favourite projects has been updated, and this is one of them. I simply cannot wait! Good to hear about the optimization... surely only good things (ie. more intense missions) can come of it!
Posted by Asholay 18th March, 2013

Second what Rick says - I'm glad this is still being pushed forward and look forward to a release.

Good work on the engine improvements - it'll certainly open a few doors in level design!
Posted by Rick Shaw 21st March, 2013

Thanks guys! I really really want to just get this project finished up now!


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