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Wings of Vi Alpha
Author: Solgryn Submitted: 2nd February, 2013 Favourites:3
Genre: Demo Downloads: 664

Edited By Solgryn on 2/2/2013

Wings of Vi is a challenging platform game in which you control the angel Vi. One day Vi and her friend, Rubi go to the ceaseless prison in heaven, where a powerful evil being is held in custody. Their visit leads to the chains being broken and the evil is set free to reak havoc upon the world.

Inspired by games such as I Wanna Be The Guy, Cave Story, Megaman and Castlevania, Wings of Vi is an interesting mix between challenge, story and with room for both exploring and tricky platforming.

The game is still in alpha development so content may be subject to change.

A while back I submitted Wings of Vi, but I later began redoing the whole game.

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Posted by Hill Gigas 7th February, 2013
Rated :

It's a beautiful game and has a very good platforming engine! I really like the music too!
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th February, 2013
Rated :

I'm surprised I missed this one! Amazing!
The jump mechanics are a little difficult to get used to, and that first section was kinda tough, but it was worth getting past.

The game is great! Good work!
Posted by Buster 10th February, 2013

Looks great, but after spending 5 minutes trying to figure out which button selects from the menu and spending 10 minutes trying to make the the second jump in the game I gave up!

Beautiful graphics and music, just which the instructions where a little better explained.

How do you make that second jump?
Posted by Solgryn 10th February, 2013

Rubi shows you how to do the jumps.. You fall... and jump
Posted by Zezard 14th February, 2013
Rated :

Really solid stuff. Both music and gfx are top-notch, I really like the contrast between the smooth rotation of the wings and the sprite animations.

I'm not a big fan of trial and error-games, especially not the "i wanna be the guy"-likes. I think it could certainly offer something new to that market though as it is much more engrossing than those type of games tend to be.

I should mention that I only tried it with the keyboard and only played until the flying sausage dragon.
As the game is based around pixel perfection, and redoing the same things over and over until you get it right, I would suggest that you rework the controls a bit. I feel that the sliding and accelerated motion in general felt out of place and only made the success seem random rather than based on skill. Timing and pixel-perfect jumps are one thing, accelerated motion is really hard to grasp. I also never really understood the third button. Why don't I activate the flapping by pressing and holding the jump button another time? Why don't I slide by holding down and pressing jump button?
The battles felt so-so, mostly because I could neither keep the damage zone at a distance by hitting it nor could I dodge in any decent way. Perhaps consider a cool blocking system as a solution? We get too few of those imo. : )
I didn't like how you couldn't really read the bosses without getting killed by them a LOT. Also I didn't like how the flying lip trap before the sausage dragon didn't allow me to hurt the lips, that's just inconsistent.
Finally, I don't see why there is this death scene and change of music everytime I die. It just felt frustrating. I understand myself when I have failed, I just want to reset, dammit!

For the boss battles I would recommend that you take a look at Alien Soldier for SEGA Genesis, the bosses are challenging and cool but never unfair. There they solve it with a very special dodge mechanic as well as always hinting at what is coming up next. For the platforming I would suggest looking at Demon's Crest for SNES. There are older versions of the game as well, but this one has the most delicious graphics. : ) The Gargoyle's Crest series have very challenging platofrming while still being completely fair and skill-based, again imo.

Good luck, excellent basis for a cool game.
Posted by Solgryn 14th February, 2013

The jump and sliding/flutter has to be different buttons, you get double jump later on and you need to shoot down + jump at some points as well as flutter then jump.

About the pixel perfection, most of the jumps can easily be done by falling off the platform then jumping afterwards; if you try to jump at the very edge of the platform, they're so much harder..
Comment edited by Solgryn on 2/14/2013
Posted by Zezard 14th February, 2013
Rated :

@jump/slide/flutter - Ok, I guess I would have to see that puzzel in order to fully understand it. To me flutter seems like something that would always work best at the end of your jumps.

@pixel perfection - Most of the jumps, certainly. I was talking about the others I guess. Anyway, that only became annoying in combination with the death downtime. Worst was the racing part in the beginning where it was clear that you had failed whenever you did it and still had to reach the goal.

I can also report that there is a bug with maybe the fluttering/collision detection or stuff triggered at the far end of screen. I was working on grabbing the treasure on the left screen of where there are two meat vents which blows pink hadoukens at you on the right. As I was dropping down and jump+fluttering up to the left I did sometimes collide with the wall to the left. At one point this caused me to get never ending negative y vel. It took me up to the screen above and stopped after I was pushed through a few platforms.

Posted by Solgryn 14th February, 2013

Winning the race is optional, though <.< it's just for an achievement
Posted by Zezard 14th February, 2013
Rated :

True, but there is where the engrossing aspect of your game, which differentiate it from other "i wanna be the guy"-likes, comes in. Even though I have no idea of who I am I'm definetly not gonna let that Rubi think she's better than me. : P
Posted by twiterror 15th February, 2013
Rated :

Horrible game!
Posted by -Liam- 26th February, 2013
Rated :

I had a really quick test of this game the other day, I absolutely love it! I think the visuals you've got going on so far work quite well, however the game seems like it's begging for some pixel art backgrounds. That's just my take on it though!

I'll be sure to have a "real" go at playing when I've got time.
Posted by TheoX 6th March, 2013

the hanging pillars in screenshots 2 and 4 look a bit phallic. I'm going to try this one out when I have time, it looks neat.
Posted by eliris 21st March, 2013

downloading , be back soon
Posted by -Liam- 7th April, 2013
Rated :

Just to let you know, I've played the game some more and I still love it. As I said, pixel art backgrounds! But I'm in love with everything else.





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