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Shoot em up - example engine ! (with nice graphics
Author: Solgryn Submitted: 21st December, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 748

Edited By solgryn on 12/21/2008

This is a engine i've made, a shoot em up engine

1,2,3,4,5 for changing weapons
w,a,s,d for controlling
enter for making enemies
Q for scooping up coins with ur vacuum
E for exploding the missile with the gun
R for reload

I've made 2 enemies so far, a devil dog and a skeleton. You are a devil who have some weapons to kill all the devil thingys .

The weapons!:

1 - gun
2 - machine gun
3 - missile launcher
4 - shotgun
5 - flamethrower

My favorite is the missile launcher and flamethrower they have nice effects

Made with MMF2 and I used fast loop ext.

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Posted by Rikus 21st December, 2008

Some screenshots please and we shall add it to the site
Posted by Solgryn 21st December, 2008

There, new screenshots =
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st December, 2008

if you could say what version of MMF it's for, and what extensions are needed, that would be extremely helpful!
Posted by Solgryn 21st December, 2008

Well, didnt use any ext. other than fast loop :/ but I made with MMF 2, and i believe everyone have fast loop, it comes with pack
Posted by Aptennap 22nd December, 2008

Can I have the source?

Posted by Solgryn 22nd December, 2008

You mean the .mfa file? No, i'd rather keep it myself, im using it for a game, I just wanted to see if you liked it. Maybe when im done with my game ill make an engine with it
Posted by Aptennap 23rd December, 2008

Oke, it plays great anyway!
Posted by Silveraura 23rd December, 2008

The whole point of having an example engine is to distribute the example of the engine so other people can observe and learn from your code... not to brag.
Posted by Solgryn 24th December, 2008

im not trying to brag, I just wanna know if it was playable.. -_-
Posted by TPK 24th December, 2008

I didn't get the feeling that he was trying to brag, although this probably should've been filed under "demos" or something.

Downloading now...
Comment edited by TPK on 12/24/2008
Posted by traugott.simon 26th December, 2008

nice engine!
I had one bug: The reload process of the shotgun hang up. The clicksound was played all the time and i wasnt able to shoot with any weapon. I guess this happened because i tried to change the weapon while reloading.
Posted by dub 29th December, 2008
Rated :

Not an engine
Posted by dndfreak 12th January, 2009
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an engine has the source code. this does not. This is not an engine. where the f*** is my banhammer lol
Posted by Trooper_959 17th January, 2009
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Its pretty good just try to make the guns look right when your aiming down and stuff. OH and like what dndfreak said its supposed to have the source code. (mfa file duh!)
Posted by Tropik 8th April, 2009
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I like that
4 stars :]
Posted by conexxo 28th January, 2016
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can't download
Not Found
The requested URL /~jesperae08/ was not found on this server.
Posted by Nel Mosta 19th September, 2019

The Link Is Daed!!
Please can you Re Do!!
Many Thanks In Advance....
Keep up the good work..





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