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Blob's Adventure Flash
Author: Solgryn Submitted: 10th April, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 256

Edited By Solgryn on 4/10/2011

Blob's Adventure is a random adventure, with little to no story. During the adventure you will encounter spikes, traps, puzzles, bosses and stuff. It's basically a remake of my first game, but with new levels, better engine and graphics and original music! The music in the game was made by ozwaldd ( ) This game is also available on newgrounds and kongregate: - Play on newgrounds! - Play on kongregate!

The link is to the .exe version which runs a bit better, but I made it mainly to make it a flash game.

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 (10.2 mkb )

Posted by RailedRobin 11th April, 2011

Pretty fun game, although the controls didn't always respond as expected, which made some levels unnessesary hard. That aside I really enjoyed it, and I liked the challenges.
And the graphics were really nice too.
Comment edited by RailedRobin on 4/11/2011
Posted by Jon C-B 11th April, 2011

i saw this over the weekend on newgrounds in the just added bar. Good game! i hope this makes you some money
Posted by Sumo148 12th April, 2011

I thought it was pretty enjoyable for the most part. Like other people said, the controls seem a bit finicky and I hope you can fix them. Also I'd suggest adding variable jump (like not doing full jumps each time, but you jump higher if you hold down the key longer). That would make the game so much better in my opinion. Great job!





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