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Blob III Level Editor BETA (1.01)
Author: Solgryn Submitted: 1st October, 2009 Favourites:0
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Edited By Solgryn on 10/2/2009

Edited By Solgryn on 10/2/2009

Edited By Solgryn on 10/1/2009

Here it is! The anticipated Blob's Adventure III... level editor!

With this little tool you can create and play levels using the engine of Blob III, the new game I'm working on.
This version features an easy-to-use level editor and an engine to test out the levels; if you want to check for more updates on the level editor as well as the game, go to

Also, be sure to play Blob's adventure 1 and 2 on my website:


- Fixed the dying-in-the-start glitch that occurred when you enter a level, then press esc and enter it again.
- Added new death tune! No more boring "You lose.." Download the game to hear it =D.
- Fixed gravity objects bugs, when you placed different gravities beside each other, fx. anti-gravity and low-gravity, it would fuck up the gravity.
- You can now scroll using the middle mouse button.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go create some levels and stuff I'd be happy to see your levels and try them out, just send me the .ini file that contains your level =D.

Be aware that this is a BETA and is not the finished level editor, the future versions will have updated tools list etc.


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Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd October, 2009

Posted by OMC 2nd October, 2009

It doesn't work for me. But I like the sound effects and overall polish!
Posted by Solgryn 2nd October, 2009

Have you extracted it? What doesnt work??
Posted by OMC 2nd October, 2009

I always die right off the bat! I'm probably doing something wrong.
Posted by Solgryn 2nd October, 2009

Uhm, if you havnt loaded any stuff you cant play a level.. and also you must "save as" before you can test.... it can't load a file which havnt been created yet.

You probably pressed "save" and clicked test then. You must save as and then you can use save.
Posted by Callebo 2nd October, 2009

This is really good! Just needs some polishing
Some things that could be fixed:
The scrolling is kind of awkward. Perhaps if you only have your arrow close to an edge, it will scroll that way. Or, scroll when you hold down the middle mouse button.
Also some essential objects were often hidden outside the "map", so you had to make it larger so you could look around for them. With essential objects i mean the start and end for a level. Perhaps put them in the object list aswell.
And I don't know if the anti-gravity was bugged, because when I stepped on it I only had anti-gravity for a second or two. I however used this to make a really tricky part in my level!
I also had the same problem as OMC sometimes, dying at the beginning. This only happened when I loaded the level (clicking on it in the main screen then 'play'), but when I tested the level it was fine. But some objects directions had changed.
The dying-in-the-beginning even occured on your own level, solgryn!
Looking forward for the final version with all the other cool stuff! Keep it up!
Posted by Solgryn 2nd October, 2009

Thanks for the feedback.

The essential objects is always on the screen for me, that's wierd huh? But i'll add them to the reset "R" button probably

I never experienced that dying-in-the-beginning error? Wth? But i'll look into that :/.

The antigravity? It works for me, dunno what you're doing. But I fixed a bug if you set an antigravity besides a low/high gravity it would fuck it up, that's fixed now.
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd October, 2009

The dying at the beginning happened for me as well, but after I reset the program the problem went away.





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