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Smalest game ever
Author: eliris Submitted: 23rd November, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 66

Edited By eliris on 11/25/2011

So the reason why I made the game was to try to know how will people feel about a game that is 32x32 of resolution
arrow keys,as for the second game, shift to jump,

the goal of the game is to reach the bottom line without being hit by the red dots
second game is just a demo of a pixel perfect movement
Have fun!

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Posted by The Chris Street 24th November, 2011

Can you please edit this page so that there is more of a description about the game... maybe why you made it? Also, can you make it more presentable to read, the general description is very scruffy.
Posted by Fordom 1st December, 2011
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Posted by DaVince 6th December, 2011
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Um... Don't make a JPG out of the smallest screenshot ever. It just makes it blurry and even more difficult to see. (Not that the screenshot really says much anyway).

Anyway, I like that game 1 basically insanely tough. I don't think the music should reset every time you die, however. Also, the gameplay allows for this to be higher res, which makes it more enjoyable because you're not staring at a very small area of the screen, plus you get to make things more complex on a higher res. It lacks features other than avoiding the quickly moving dots.

Game 2 is a platforming demo without a challenge. Not so much a game as an engine test. The background actually looks pretty cool, but it's still way too small (even blowing up the pixels by 4 times is better than this at its true res).

Music is good and atmospheric. Sounds are simple and nice.

Work on these a bit more, make them more visible, and you'll get something pretty decent.
Posted by eliris 7th December, 2011

Thank you for your comment
well it was made in a hurry, which explained the lack of creativity and other things, but I'm glad at least you took your time to make a short review.





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