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Guitar king
Author: eliris Submitted: 19th August, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 79

Edited By ASN95 on 8/20/2010

a guitar heroŠ based game that I made long time ago, but Submitted to TDC only now, all copyrights goes to Naruto, Blink182, Guitar proŠ, and Remy zero, collectible guitar to unlock, guitar copyrights goes to FenderŠ, gibsonŠ and all the guitars inside the game
there may be some bugs in the game because I made this a long time ago, and I'm now better in MMF, And I am already processing the 2
How to play: click on the disks that falls down and collect the most points available, after collecting points, you should unlock new guitar

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Posted by The Chris Street 19th August, 2010

Can you please give a better description and separate the screenshots before we accept? What does the program do?
Posted by eliris 20th August, 2010

OK I reuploaded it
Posted by phanto 21st August, 2010

You're hosting something with copyrighted material on a website running ads.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 21st August, 2010

Yeah, i'd be careful with that mate. Probably going to run in to some legal strife if anyone important sees this.

Try using as much original work as you can. If you are going to use things like this, you will really need the permission of the actual companies.

Sorry to be a downer about it! (Studying Games Design and Development and this is a big no no, lol)
Posted by s-m-r 24th August, 2010

Eh, it's freeware, and low exposure to boot. I wouldn't worry about anyone tracking you down regarding copyright infringement. You're not charging anyone to play or download this, either. So don't sweat it.

Meanwhile, the game could stand a lot of improvements on this excellent start. What about combos? Perfects? Visual touches that make it stand out beyond just a normal "point and click" fest?

I think your next challenge is to really turn it up a notch in terms of presentation. Make the game fun to look at as well as listen to. You don't need to use copyrighted images and whatnot to succeed at this, either. Think a little more creatively, and soon your game will be a blast to play.

Good luck!
Posted by eliris 26th August, 2010

thanks I was making that game a long time ago, now I am already working on the 2!! and with cool stuff now





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