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Blaze! In Bye Bye Earth Demo 1.0
Author: Smirnoff Submitted: 19th June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 90

Edited By Smirnoff on 6/19/2009

Edited By Smirnoff on 6/19/2009

Edited By Smirnoff on 6/19/2009

Edited By Smirnoff on 6/19/2009

Edited By Smirnoff on 6/19/2009

This is the first demo to Blaze! In "Bye, Bye, Earth" There is one level to play. Enemy AI still may be wonky. This is close to how the Sewer level will be in the final game but still may change. All sounds and music are currently placeholder.

Controls are:
Arrow keys to move
Control to jump and enter the level(That would be the black hole)
Enter to Pause


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 (6.08 mkb )

Posted by OMC 19th June, 2009

Has a nice feel to it. Keep up the good work!

(Though, the beginning almost gave me a seizure with all the overlapping words. May want to tone that down a bit.)
Posted by Smirnoff 19th June, 2009

I've toned that down, now. Thanks for the suggestion. Anything more to add on the gameplay?
Posted by Rob Westbrook 19th June, 2009

Kudos for the Commander Keen influence and sounds (even if they are place holders). Nice demo, keep it up Image

One thing I did notice though, on the type of platform like he's standing on in the second screenshot, you can't look up or down.

Other than that, good job!
Comment edited by Rob Westbrook on 6/19/2009
Comment edited by Rob Westbrook on 6/19/2009
Posted by Smirnoff 20th June, 2009

Yeah, moving platforms were giving me so much trouble. I hope to have them fulling working soon with looking up and down.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 21st June, 2009

I had got stuck in the pipes if I jumped up near them. (The ones that are dripping) Once I was stuck I would be moved upwards until on a standable surface.
Posted by Smirnoff 22nd June, 2009

I have not come across that problem before but I will look into and fix it.
Posted by MBK 28th June, 2009

Nice demo. It plays well. Has a certain smooth soft quality to it.

You better fix that pipe problem though, it happens to me as well. It's the pipe above the switch on the left at the beginning part. I played clear through this demo btw. It's not really my style as there's not enough happening, the enemies do that one hit an' you're dead thing, and you have to hunt for keycards to get to the next area (I've always hated that in games). But it's made well and plays nice and smooth.

That depth perspective style of graphics is the sort of thing I've been wanting to add to my 2.5d project.
You've got a nice display of that style going on.
The way my coding is set up is actually more complicated than it had to be. If I had used this perspective of graphics that you show here from the beginning, then I could have used the angled sides as detectors for the sidewall and avoided alot of the complex solid wall while jumping code to keep the character from jumping through the walls.
Now I'm not really sure if they'll work with my code without changing things around a bit.






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