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Zan-Zan: Episode Two, The Re-Hattening
Author: viva/volt Submitted: 26th October, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 223
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Edited By viva/volt on 7/31/2010

The epic quest to find your hat continues in episode two of the Zan-Zan series! Once again this is a short game, but stay tuned for the final episode in the trilogy of games!

This is the second game in the Zan-Zan series. I tried to improve upon the old one through peoples suggestions and criticisms. It's still very short, try to enjoy.


Arrows - Move
Space - Jump / Advance dialogue

Music by Reed.CC NOT me!

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Posted by viva/volt 26th October, 2007

Don't anybody complain about the sudden and nonsensical frame transitions >_> <_<
Posted by Ski 26th October, 2007

Posted by Ski 26th October, 2007

=/ Very easy to complete...I found it easier than the first episode >_<
Posted by Tim 26th October, 2007
Rated :

Posted by Zephni 26th October, 2007

~ This is so anoyingly addictive... in a good way >.>

How do i play my own arrays? (from the lev editor)
Simplicity is sometimes the very essence of a game.. its good, i also really like his movement..

Doesnt feel like klik..
Posted by Tim 26th October, 2007
Rated :

I wouldv'e done a new title screen .. if you'd of asked me ;_;
Posted by viva/volt 26th October, 2007

@Tim: I didn't though!

@Zephni: Right now you'll have to rename the level files you create to match the default ones. It's not a very friendly editor

@Adam: Yup! That's what you get with a game that takes about a day to make.
Posted by Hill Gigas 26th October, 2007

Very cool game, Ill review it soon.
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 26th October, 2007

Why I can I beat seemingly hard games quickly but this game always takes me ages?
I got killed by the spikes like ten times!
Posted by alastair john jack 26th October, 2007
Rated :

I played this game!
Posted by Jake G 26th October, 2007

great, want a medal?
Posted by Ski 26th October, 2007

K, medals for all!
Posted by viva/volt 27th October, 2007

Even me !
Posted by viva/volt 27th October, 2007

If you thumbs down it, please say why. Though it is a little slack...
Posted by Ski 27th October, 2007

THumb system= lawl. I will thumbs up it tho watch ^
Posted by viva/volt 27th October, 2007

I got a thumbs up from Adam, my life has more meaning than previously!
Posted by Jake G 27th October, 2007

so that means it actually has meaning now!
Posted by viva/volt 27th October, 2007

Posted by Bricnic 28th October, 2007

It's a fun little game. Haven't played the first one but I'd imagine it would be in the same style. IMO the difficulty is very constant, it's quite difficult mostly on account of getting used to the rapid movement, with tricky precision jumps needed to avoid spikes. This means once you've mastered the controls the game is pretty easy- the first level took me a couple of tries, but then I didn't die anymore at all. Could have used a new badguy in the future levels or something to make it a little harder as you go, perhaps make the first level start off a bit easier.

Cute graphics style though, the little guy reminds me of another game somehow.. like the falafel game or whatever, I know it's not the same graphic but it's just the feeling if you get what I mean.
Posted by DaVince 28th October, 2007

Zan-Zan 2...! Time to play!
Posted by DaVince 28th October, 2007

Already done.

A "PREVIOUSLY ON ZAN-ZAN!" would have been nice, but (w)hatever. Played pretty much like Zan-Zan 1, what about some different enemies?
Posted by Joe.H 28th October, 2007


not really.
Posted by AfterStar 29th October, 2007

I like games such as this and falafel.
They may be simple but they are a lot of fun.
Only complain is that it's very easy and too short.
Will be waiting for part 3.
Posted by AfterStar 29th October, 2007

Btw anybody has a link to download the mini falafel game? I want to download it on my laptop but the link of the game on TDC is dead.
Posted by viva/volt 29th October, 2007

I am adding heaps of stuff to the final one, since this was a little slack. But thanks everyone for the comments .
Posted by CsaR 29th October, 2007

It was fun, a little short as the others said. It looks very Knytt/falafel inspired. I like the way the character hops around

Posted by DaVince 29th October, 2007

The thumbs down actually motivates the author to ask why he's getting thumbs down, and he will sometimes receive useful comments after that!
Posted by Tim 29th October, 2007
Rated :

Well I think if you vote thumbs down, you are expected to say why anyways, really.
Posted by Tim 29th October, 2007
Rated :

Also Ben, remember that I disallowed direct linking to the download redirect page
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th October, 2007

I like this. It's nice and compact. This does need to be a bigger game though or have some defining feature to really seperate it from every other mini-pixel game.
Posted by viva/volt 30th October, 2007

Thanks again everyone! The last one (which isn't gonna be out for a while) will be much bigger hopefully .

@ Tim: I was pretty sure this didn't link to that page :S.
Posted by Tim 30th October, 2007
Rated :

Not til Xmas

Yeah, you want 'viewgame.php' not 'dlgame' nevermind anyways.
Posted by nim 30th October, 2007

Nice work again, Benothy I noticed that you've changed some features since the first episode. The addition of a recovery time after being hurt is very welcome, but it's still very easy to get hit very soon after entering a new screen (in Falafel I tried not to place enemies near the edges of the screen). Very nice game, and good choice of music - Crock is one of my favourite Reed songs.
Posted by Fifth 30th October, 2007

...I believe I was promised a re-hattening here?
Posted by viva/volt 31st October, 2007

@Nim, I decided to go with smooth scrolling with 3 for that reason, since I almost always place an enemy is a silly spot...

@Fifth, Shush lol
Posted by Johnny Look 1st November, 2007

yay zan zan 2 downloading...
Posted by Simon Czentnár 2nd November, 2007

Very nice!
Posted by Ricky 3rd November, 2007
Rated :

Will this be your 3rd Gotw Ben?
Posted by viva/volt 3rd November, 2007

@ Rickothy: If I win, then yes it will. 3 out of 5 games
Posted by Ricky 4th November, 2007
Rated :

You Won
Posted by Ricky 5th November, 2007
Rated :

Good game (just played it). A bit linear but more fun than the first zan zan.
Posted by viva/volt 6th November, 2007

Posted by Tim 6th November, 2007
Rated :

Posted by viva/volt 6th November, 2007

Well thank you Tim . I won't rate my own game.
Posted by Ricky 6th November, 2007
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Posted by viva/volt 7th November, 2007

Thanks Ricky
Posted by Faithtoken 7th November, 2007
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This games receives the following rating from me: Good
+ Solid engine, liked the graphics.
- Not to fond of the screenswapping, and way to short, it ended just when it started to get interesting, lacks some depth also.
Posted by viva/volt 8th November, 2007

Posted by alastair john jack 19th November, 2007
Rated :

Posted by viva/volt 19th November, 2007

Oh My Gawd!






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