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Author: viva/volt Submitted: 28th July, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 274
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By viva/volt on 7/31/2010


Arrows keys - Move
Space - Advance text / Jump
Esc - Skip cutscenes


You have been invited to a party! What fun! But as you are about to grab your hat someting awful happens... It blows away! (Using... PATH MOVEMENT!)


Includes a rubbish level editor, placing chicken legs in the level 2 file with result in notes.

This game is heavily inspired by the wonderful "A Mini Falafel Adventure" by Nim. Play it. Maybe After this.


(Also who says my story is lame?)

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Posted by Jake G 28th July, 2007

1st comment , good short game but sometimes when you run into a spike its really easy to loose multiple health at once!
Posted by Tim 29th July, 2007

YAY! Lol this game was actually really fun, I loved Nim's game and this had the same effect on me

Title screen ftw! haha
Posted by viva/volt 29th July, 2007

Only people from SN -_-'
Posted by Jake G 29th July, 2007

yeah, well, ya get that
Posted by Tim 29th July, 2007

'Cos 90% of people that come here are from a whole new timezone

It's called TDC + 1:00, or something
Posted by alastair john jack 29th July, 2007

This game is released!
Posted by Tim 29th July, 2007

lol @ mr Jack
Posted by Ski 29th July, 2007

Cool game Couple of things I didn't like, however:

-In a retro looking game, fades (IMO) look out of place. A popping-type animation or even particle effect would have looked nicer when collecting items.

-The water splashing sound constantly looping as I swam became a bit too much for my ears and my brother ended up shouting at me

-Placing spikes just outside the frame before it scrolls so I cant actually see them and land on them is kinda annoying, not really giving the player a chance- how was I suppose to know they were there?

Other than that, cute game
Posted by Ski 29th July, 2007

BTW once I played it I didn't really think it was like Falafel at all
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2007

The music/sound effects volume difference was way annoying, so in the end I just turned off the sound. Too bad really.

The spikes right next to the scrolling area of a frame is VERY annoying. Don't do that!

Barely enough life in level 1, but way much life in level 2. Well, whatever.

Posted by Ricky 29th July, 2007

Great game Thumbs up
Posted by nim 29th July, 2007

Nice game It actually reminded me a lot more of Knytt than Falafel, but thanks for the mention anyway. A few things bothered me (pretty much what Adam already mentioned) but none of them stopped me playing until the end. Looking forward to the sequel!
Posted by Dr. James MD 29th July, 2007

oooo you finished it!
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 30th July, 2007

Nice game. I told you noone would like the scrolling system!
Now someone's gonna prove me wrong...
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 30th July, 2007

BTW: You should really fix it so that it doesn't show the warning messages in level 2. Or does that only happen in my pre-release version?
Posted by viva/volt 30th July, 2007

@ Pretty Much Everyone: Sorry about the spikes outside of the frame, I can't really tell where the edge of the frame is in the editor, I should add that .

@ Vince / Adam: Thanks I'll look into fixing up the sound.

I'll also work on health , though you can always remove / add some in the editor .

Posted by Tim 30th July, 2007

Lol it's the DIY game!
Posted by Joe.H 30th July, 2007

That's one way of putting it.
Posted by »xerus 30th July, 2007

The camera is really... really disorienting.
Posted by viva/volt 31st July, 2007

Yeah I noticed if you change screens quickly or miss a jump it's awful
Posted by Zezard 31st July, 2007

Well, the scrolling is a bit chaotic, nails and bottles can be too unpredictable when hidden in the next fixed view, and multiple damage can occur at high speed... You already heard that.

I think this game is too small, but it was fun as long as it lasted.
Posted by axel 2nd August, 2007

Haha, I love the way the little Zan-dude moves.

A fairly solid game, except for the camera which is a bit disorienting, as Xerus put it. Seriously, I like this game, but it's a bit small. You could've added a handful of extra enemies and obstacles just to vary the gameplay. Still, a fun little game. Thumbs up for you
Posted by viva/volt 3rd August, 2007

I'll take all this into consideration if / when I make another one. Surprised no-one said that it was boring
Posted by Phredreeke 4th August, 2007

Things to consider:

Don't put spikes and other hazards near the edges of the screen.
Pause the game during the dialogue boxes!

That's what I can think of right now. Nice game!
Posted by Phredreeke 4th August, 2007

And give Zan-Zan a second or two of invincibility after each hit.

Cute game
Posted by ben mercer 4th August, 2007

I think phreddy is right, because i was doing ok, then I walked into a spike that was off screen and it hit me five times in one go.

As for the rest of the game, I think the custom level editor was a cool idea, but I think you need a little more variety in the tiles. The background visuals cam across as a little dull and repetetive IMO.

Also I really don't think this kind of scrolling is suited to a platformer. I assume the reason you are using it is so that you can load each piece of the level as a screen, rather than having to load the whole thing at once.

Maybe you could create a system that creates the tiles at the side of the screen as it scrolls? It is more challenging than it sounds, as I'm sure you know. I have done something similar to this; I created a system for my game that randomly generates plant life as the screen scrolls.
Posted by viva/volt 4th August, 2007

I actually prefer the screen based scrolling, but i changed it to snap in the new file... And I added invincibility for a while after being hit. I'll look into adding some background stuff (plants and the like) thanks for all the comments!
Posted by viva/volt 4th August, 2007

(The reason I prefer it is because you can hide things using "screens" scrolling)

Posted by TheoX 4th August, 2007

This game is very good, but you can definately get caught off guard by spikes that are just on the other side of a screen. How were you supposed to know they were there? Also, same as others have said, it's annoying when a spike gives multiple hits at a time...

The only thing that was similar to Falafel adventure was the character... but this game is good in a diferent way. Good job, thumbs up, GotW for you.
Posted by Jake G 4th August, 2007

For GoTW, winning it is.
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 4th August, 2007

Yay! Silvernova games as GOTW for 2 weeks running!!! ^^
There are places where it scrolls when you jump so if you keep jumping have a bucket ready...
Other than that, good game. You should release the flash version, its much worse.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 19th August, 2007

A fun little game. I didn't mind the screen scrolling, or the spikes. It's a thing one can get used to. The movement however, simply didn't felt smooth enough. The gravity seemed too high to me. I don't know. But whatever, the game was fun (except for being really, really, really short). It also had a Knytt feel to me. Maybe it was because of the music. Where did you get if from?

BTW, why the construction worker doesn't take the 10 $ dollars from me? Maybe he only wanted me to flash it, or whatever. That would be weird.

Posted by Aliashoj 23rd September, 2007

where's FALAFEL ?
Posted by viva/volt 3rd December, 2007






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