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Woodland Alcohol Explosion
Author: viva/volt Submitted: 29th December, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 106

Just a small game I made in less than 24 hours. I wanted to mess around with random platformer level generation, and I had written the name down as one I'd like to make use of later. The idea of the game is to get as far into the woods as possible, wielding your trusty axe. The more beer you "drink" the worse the controls are and the harder it is to see what you're doing - however your attacks gain power when drunk.

The game only has two enemies and is pretty basic, just wanted to throw something together amidst my larger projects.

Controls (which can be changed) are:

A - Jump (Double Jump)
S - Attack
Arrows to move

Let me know if the music doesn't work for you, I may not have included all the necessary dll's.

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Posted by Sergiocarp 5th January, 2012
Rated :

Good game! , simple but entertaining...
Posted by Knockturnal 5th January, 2012

Love the concept and the design, but I think you could make more out of it. The menu screen is beautiful.
Didn't play a lot so I won't rate it, but good work overall.
Posted by The-B-Man 21st January, 2012
Rated :

I loved the game, after I failed at making it through the forrest, I tried over and over with constant fail. Great work (:
Posted by Ridder Florian 23rd January, 2012
Rated :

Really cool game, I just wanted to get more and more drunk! I like the graphics and effects too. The music worked for me.





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