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Review: Zan-Zan: Episode Two, The Re-Hattening
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 26/10/2007

So this was a nice little surprise to come across today. I love games like this, simple platformers with clean levels and clear objectives.

Well this one tosses you right in, no beating around the bush. You see a title screen, press space, welcome to the game, watch the spikes.

Presentation gets good marks because it matches the rest of the game. It doesn't try to be more than it is, because it's fun, even at a simple level.

Gameplay is great in my opinion. I mean, the characters and levels are simple, but the platform engine is rock solid. The only improvements I could suggest would be a bit more time to get over spikes, and a bit more direction when jumping upwards to the next screen. Other than those minor things, the play control is excellent.

I liked the graphics for this game. It has a style that I enjoy, which is framed-"cave"-level style. The whole level on your screen is enclosed in a little tunnel-like border. This makes it very cartoony and gives the world a lot more identity than just big open empty spaces. I like the main character a lot, he's just very endearing. I do however think the game would be a lot better if it played full screen. Maybe in the sequel?

Sounds and music are great and fit the game well. The tunes were catchy and the sounds add personality to the character. Nicely done.

Well ok, the game is short, so lastability isn't so great. It still gets decent score because you'll play to the end for sure. It's just a really fun game to play. But you'll hit the end within 20 minutes.

This was a very short, but very enjoyable game. I had a lot of fun running through the two brief but creative levels. I even got to fight a boss before the game was up! Recommended for simple platforming fans.

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Posted by viva/volt 27th October, 2007

Thanks for the review Shroomlock!
Posted by alastair john jack 27th October, 2007

It's so good that you review so many games!
Posted by Jake G 27th October, 2007

nice, 2 good SN game reviews recently, I'm restraining myslef from releasing Jamie's Revenge...
Posted by Del Duio 30th October, 2007

It's so good that you review so many games!

At least someone besides me should lol..

There should be a reviews listing under our profiles IMO.
Posted by Ricky 6th November, 2007

I agree


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