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Sydney Finds Employment
Author: istvan Submitted: 29th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 79

Edited By istvan on 12/29/2006

FIRST OFF This is my first attempt at a game in AGS and first release in a LONG time! Thats because I've been mainly concerned with pixel and and comics of late.

DESCRIPTION Sydney Claywood wakes in his alley one day to discover a new policy set in place by a joint venture between the political parties, churches and big businesses to rid the streets of homelessness and unemployment. There solution is a ‘final solution,’ of sorts.

Sydney decides that the only way to save himself and his friends is to go directly to the heart of the plan, the CBD, and argue his case. However, in the back of Syd’s mind is the constant idea that ‘Maybe I could, you know, just find a REAL job.

WARNING There is some suggestive and slightly rude content here. I'd only really recommend it for mature audiences.

Ivan Dixon (aka iSTVAN): Story, graphics, coding
Steve Larabie (aka pixelblink): Music

Testing by Justine, Carl, buloght, bernie, pixel blink and ensellitis.

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This game was made with Adventure Game Studio. See for more info about AGS.

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Posted by Flava 29th December, 2006

The download does not work - can you try removing the spaces from the file name please?
Posted by istvan 29th December, 2006

Should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any problems.
Posted by Hayo 29th December, 2006

oh my, those gfx rock.
Posted by Nioreh 29th December, 2006

Very nice old school adventure game graphics. But I can't help to think that his belly showing looks like something else
Posted by Del Duio 29th December, 2006

So I take it this has nothing to do with the Australian unemployment rate then?
Posted by istvan 29th December, 2006

Well it is set in Australia, as that's where I'm from, and it does focus on homelessness and unemployment.
Thanks Hayo, I've always enjoyed your pixel graphics as well.
Posted by markno2 30th December, 2006

This is hard. Funny but hard.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 30th December, 2006

Lol sadly i can't help agreeing with nioreh.
Great game man.
Posted by istvan 31st December, 2006

Thanks kikkoman. To be honest I'm a little surprised it hasn't any more downloads

Markno2, there's a thread at the AGS boards with hints and tips that should help you if it's too hard. Go here: http://n
Posted by DaVince 31st December, 2006

"To be honest I'm a little surprised it hasn't any more downloads "

Well, have you looked at the TDC download list? Most of the games here don't get many downloads...

Downloaded the game, will play once I find some free play time.
Posted by istvan 3rd January, 2007

Thanks DaVince. I was speaking relatively when I said I was surprised it hadn't had more downloads. The game seems to have a healthy following over at AGS:

Posted by bernie[FA] 3rd January, 2007

The thing is, games that don't get showcased on the frontpage won't get many hits. While I personally think this game is easily frontpage material, there's nothing one can do when the site admins don't see it that way.
Posted by ben mercer 3rd January, 2007

Hell, my demo got on the front page and that was barely an alpha!
Posted by istvan 3rd January, 2007

Thanks bernie. I guess you're right. If only I gave Sydney a Christmas hat he might've made the front page.

I'm more than satisfied with the response I've had from the AGS community atleast. Those guys are very supportive.
Posted by markno2 4th January, 2007

I liked it.
Posted by Hayo 4th January, 2007



Posted by istvan 7th January, 2007

Thanks a million Hayo. If only you were in charge here! John Howard's mug would be everywhere, but I'm willing to pay that price.





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