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Author: istvan Submitted: 9th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 84

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Edited By istvan on 3/9/2004

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PSB aka Pro-Spit-Balling.

OK. This was my first ever completed game. Im not proud of its immature plot, crude GFX, lame voice acting (including my own), ripped midis. I am however proud that I finished it, and that it includes a pretty unique idea.
It was made in KNP, but dont let that put you off, if anything should put you off its the things I mentioned above.
You play as a younger me (haha very lame), set when I was in year seven.
'You were absent from school one day and as a result you find that your entire school was taken over by a school bully. He has captured your teachers, and 'mind-warped' your friends into fighting you ( no its not that your unpopular). Armed only with a straw and plenty of paper your mission is to regain control of your school and stop Luke (the bully) from destroying your friends/teachers/school.'
Thats only a small description of the plot, beleive me its terrible, but innocent enough not to offend.

All names are fictional, any reference to real people is purely coincidental (ahem, not).

Use the mouse to control the spit, and click to shoot.
One level involves using the keyboard, curser keys to move, shift or ctrl to shoot (cant remember).

despite its obvious flaws I hope you manage to enjoy it, I know I had fun making it. Ive got half a sequal done if anyones still interested!

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Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

for some reason the link doesnt work, but the 'download now' button does
Posted by -Messiah- 9th March, 2004

thinks the game seems cool, sry but i dont have time to DL it. but i will do that laters, PROMISE ;)
Posted by Pete Nattress 9th March, 2004

changed the link a bit ;)
Posted by BullDozer 9th March, 2004

Sounds cool
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

link still doesnt work! gah, Ill try and sort it out, please be patient, cheerio
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

ok, now the link works, but it appears to be corrupt. has anyone actually downloaded it and it worked? Admins?
Posted by Makaveli Tha Don 9th March, 2004

Ah this game brings back lots of old memories, its ol school shit but its cool! n im in it so it must be cool! istsoft kicks ass
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

haha, yeah makaveli is in the 3rd level.
Posted by istvan 12th March, 2004

Still no complaints about the link? If no one complains, Ill just assume that your all happy that the file is corrupt!
Posted by Imadjinn 13th March, 2004

Why does it say 1.62 MB when its only 300+? Also, it keeps telling me "header is corrupt" or something to that effect.
Posted by istvan 13th March, 2004

OK, thanks for telling me, Im working on fixing the file, and the link. Ill change the file size as soon as the new version is uploaded. Ill even contact you when its ready;)
Posted by J.J 17th April, 2004 fun a all





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