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Author: istvan Submitted: 31st October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 454
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One eventful halloween, Little Jimmy-jimmy Joe-joe Smith was embarking on what should've been another successful trick-or-treat candy stash. Little did Little Jimmy-jimmy Smith know that this would be a halloween he'd never forget.'

the stories not important, just get on with the game. Skelletor is a platformer where you control, you guessed it, a Skelleton. Armed with a returnable bone, known as a bonerang, you must complete 4 different horrorble-platform-action-filled-worlds.

A special word up goes out to all the little people, who without them this would not be possible.
thanks to:
Cysteine Creations
Chris Dines of Dinesoft
and my little cousin, Brent, cos hed be stoked to see his name on the net

this game is made for MasterM's Halloween Comp 2003.

iST SOFT inc 2003

[EDIT: - the game uses the Z and X keyboard buttons to jump and shoot, and also serve as the games main menu keys - Circy]

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Posted by Blackgaze 31st October, 2003

i just need to say one word, "Pirates!"
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st October, 2003

boner-rang? XD time to wash out my filthy, one tracked mind, methinks.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 31st October, 2003

this is kind of ok...i guess...but i donīt like halloween-games:(dunno why...but the game has advanced coding and itīs looking good. Nice.
Posted by Klikmaster 31st October, 2003

Wow! What a coincidence! I made a game called bonez and he could do bonearang and also bone and arrow. I never finished it, so I don't care. The game looks cool!
Posted by Klikmaster 31st October, 2003

Game is ok, could've done with a better movement, when you walk into a wall, it goes shakey
Posted by simon schweizer 31st October, 2003

looks cool but use a plug in to change the resolution! it rann horribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and change the keys to the european standart !
Posted by 醤油の兵士 31st October, 2003

where can i get CNCS32.dll, all i have is CNCS232.dll
Posted by DeadmanDines 31st October, 2003

If you use the 'fire 1' and 'fire 2' keys instead of X and Z, then the users can change them to suit their own playing style.
Posted by Cazra 31st October, 2003

Halloween Competition? When did that start? Nothing's been new on the competition page on DC forever.
Posted by Gaspy Conana 31st October, 2003

I believe it was on the boards somewhere.
Posted by Teapot 31st October, 2003

damnit this game has nothing to do with He-Man!!!!! oh well, heapsofun anywayz Homesar: im a song from the sixties
Posted by AndyUK 31st October, 2003

good fun its challenging in a pull your hair out with frustration kind of way. i gave it thumbs up anyway. the graphics look rough when resized that way, the pixles are different sizes.
Posted by Stian B. 31st October, 2003

Ha,when I saw the name,Skelletor,I thought of the mighty Skeletor in Masters of the Universe :) "Hahahaha...He-man your fool..."! I try it out.
Posted by MasterM 31st October, 2003 ShadowCaster put it on the Frontpage but 2 days later he deleted that News Post without a real reason (Well he said that somebody posted some stupid comments). Nice game, istvan :) I also like the music.
Posted by CYS 31st October, 2003

Very good game!
Posted by CYS 31st October, 2003's spelled as Cysteine Creations... and i'm not named "Cysteine Creations", i'm "CYS"... :P
Posted by istvan 31st October, 2003

thanks everyone for the comments, im gonna have a new version which can change the resolution, so that should solve a couple of the complaints.ill also have it so you can choose the controls.but dont worry im not gonna submit a brand new game called,'Skelletor v.002', ill have it as the same url so those who prefer small screen can enjoy it that way. amnesiasoft: i believe i included the requiered dlls in the zip, you may need to put them in your windows system. KlickMaster: you are quite correct, but as this is my first custom movement, i feel it goes pretty well;) CYS: sorry mate, your CYS in the credits, so no worries.
Posted by Polsonater 1st November, 2003

this game is ok if i say so my self
Posted by istvan 1st November, 2003

a review would be nice;)
Posted by Polsonater 1st November, 2003

even though i helped make the game it is quite a chanlenge and we at istsoft are lookin foward to produesing many more like it
Posted by The Chris Street 1st November, 2003

Heh thanks for saying nice things about my music MasterM XD
Posted by MasterM 1st November, 2003

I know that you did the music for that game and I really think that your skills have improved since Zone Runner 2 and the midis you posted once in some thread on TDC.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 1st November, 2003

this game aint playable.. it got 1fps
Posted by Metal Maiden 1st November, 2003

Nice! Its good to know people still have halloween spirit. Anyways, the first level was great, but the pirate ship, wow, that was kinda hard. The ropes felt really...clumsy. I like it tho, great effort.
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 1st November, 2003

How do I start the game, I select New game and I've tried all the buttons on the keyboard but it doesn't work.
Posted by istvan 1st November, 2003

'x' and 'z' are the keys, thanks to circy for adding that to the description
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 2nd November, 2003

I'll wait until the screen resolution option's available before trying to play it on my geriatric laptop. Just having it in a window would be good.
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 2nd November, 2003

Nice game,
Posted by istvan 3rd November, 2003

good to know some people like it. limp lika pimp, the pirate world is my least favourite, but its still quite fun. my fav worlds (making and playing) are graveyard and haunted house. has anyone finished skelletor?
Posted by numbskull 3rd November, 2003

great game istvan i like the boomerang.i was taught to throw a boomerang by an old aboriginal elder.
Posted by Lupo 5th November, 2003

Wow!The the graphics look cool.. ..but.. Where is colors?? boner-rang!!I like it tho, great work.
Posted by istvan 5th November, 2003

where are all the colors? i dont understand, does your computer show skelletor in black and white?
Posted by Smeggy 6th November, 2003

its dynsoft not dinesoft!
Posted by istvan 6th November, 2003

thanks for the comment jon
Posted by Polsonater 7th November, 2003

2 istvan i liked your game but it wasnt challenging enough for me.i liked your level designs anyway its really fun to play good luck wif it Lee-ann
Posted by Makaveli Tha Don 8th November, 2003

Yeh sweet game istvan, I haven't played all of it yet but so far its all g, lookin forward to your next project, n as i'm now a member of istsoft hopefully i'll have some part in it! Mad Game!
Posted by numbskull 19th November, 2003

still think it is a great game istvan
Posted by istvan 20th November, 2003

Phizzy Games: you wont get away with this, your page ruining days are over!!
Posted by Jason Orme 20th November, 2003

I bet loads of people have said this but. HE-MAN!!!! I HAVE THE POWER!!!!
Posted by Heart Break Kid 22nd November, 2003

game play is not that good and the graphics are also not that good . in short this game is not that good
Posted by istvan 22nd November, 2003

Youve broken my heart, heart break kid





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