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Author: istvan Submitted: 6th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'em up Downloads: 145

Edited By istvan on 3/9/2004

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Edited By istvan on 3/6/2004

Edited By istvan on 3/6/2004

Simple little two player fighter. I made it just to see if I could, and was surprised to find how fun it was. Based on old games like 'Street Fighter' and such, this game includes two unique characters with the ability to jump, punch, kick and do one special each.
I originally intended to include a few more characters to select from, different scenery, and perhaps even a story mode. Maybe I still will if enough people enjoy this.

Ah controls:

1st player

movement- cursor keys
jump- up and direction
punch- control
kick- shift

2nd player

movement- r,d,f,g
jump- 'r' plus direction
punch- a
kick- q

AH! I forgot to mention that the special attack can be acheived by pressing the two attack buttons at once.

Oh and iSAS stands for ist Soft All Stars, ahem

UPDATE: Now includes large and small screen versions.

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Posted by - Yelnek - 7th March, 2004

Hey this game looks fun AND its small! Sweet stuff can't wait to try it out ;)
Posted by Flava 7th March, 2004

Pretty good - the graphics are great too. I think you should definately continue this - make more characters, more scenery and more moves :)
Posted by istvan 7th March, 2004

Great! thanks for the encouragement I could almost make this open file, its only one level, and if enough people want it. It could really teach people how to make a simple fighter game.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 7th March, 2004

could be good but i didnt figure out how to disable the screen strethcing so its useless and unplayable
Posted by Patriarch 7th March, 2004

How do i do their specials?
Posted by Brad  7th March, 2004

Nice graphics, it would be nice to have a title screen, character select, AI, combo system, special moves, differing areas, jump, sound effects, and a way to exit other than alt F4.... but aside from that nice graphics...
Posted by istvan 7th March, 2004

haha, cheers brad: You can jump, up and direction, as stated in the description. there are sound effects. I forget to mention how to to the special- press both attack buttons at once. Like I also mentioned, its not exactly complete, just a simple little one level.
Posted by istvan 7th March, 2004

Ill upload a small screen version when I get a chance. Im not sure how to program a screen size select, Ive tried using various extensions, but I uploaded it cos I was sick of sitting on it.
Posted by ShadowCaster 8th March, 2004

"Mine" has been deleted. Have a nice day.
Posted by istvan 8th March, 2004

cheers again SC
Posted by Chrisbo 8th March, 2004

yeah, it's completely unplayable on my computer. my resolution is at 1280*1024 and it stretches to that size. it's very very slow and chunky
Posted by istvan 8th March, 2004

sorry, as soon as I get in touch with the my host contact ill include a resized version, Ill DC mail you when its ready,
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

UPDATE: Now includes large and small screen versions.
Posted by Chrisbo 9th March, 2004

thanks man! much better!
Posted by istvan 9th March, 2004

no problem!
Posted by Tom Whiteley 13th March, 2004

This game is annoying because you can't get out of it once your in, AND it only has one level!
Posted by istvan 14th March, 2004

Yeah, like I said, its not really a full game, just one level, it is playable. I didnt think Id ever finish it so I didnt name it a demo.
Posted by J.J 17th April, 2004

cooool =)





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