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Realms Of Destiny DEMO
Author: Crono Submitted: 18th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 484

This is a cool rpg/adventure game like zelda i've been working on costantly for the past two weeks.I think this demo came out very good.In this demo you can use your sword and get bombs in it, I also made cool save points that say how much health you have , your level,exp, and your location and time playing. This demo will last you about 9 or 10 minutes, but I think it's worth the download. While playing, don't waste your bombs, you need them to brake walls.

NOTE: You most likely need to do "Save target as" on the link below and if the pictures don't work paste the address into your adress bar.

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Posted by C-Media 18th June, 2002

Posted by lars 19th June, 2002

This game is good, the graphics is ok, but you really should change the walkin right and left animations, when this game is finished if it does i will surely play it, and hopefully finish it. Good work!
Posted by UF Comtec 19th June, 2002

A fairly good game. The hero was pretty cool, though his walking animation from the sides where a little funny looking ^^. It's really not a big deal, but you should use music that people doesn't regonize, it makes your game more professional. But it's up to you of course. I regonized that the town music was from RPG Maker 2000 and the Cave music from Legend of Mana, as well the title music was from FF7. :)
Posted by Crono 19th June, 2002

I knew ppl would regonzize the ff7 music and maybe the legend of mana music, but I didn't think you would regonize the rpgmaker music.
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 19th June, 2002

I really enjoyed this game very much. There was only two things that grabbed me right away...the fact that the back of the guys head is bald when walking away from you, but not when he is walking to the side. I also think ou should make the corridors in the dungeon you walkunder semitransparent in the dungeon so you dont get stuck. :) Very good job I can't wait to see you finish this.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 19th June, 2002

It seems like the enemies kill u before u even touch them and that is a litle frustrating but other than that NICE JOB!!
Posted by Crono 19th June, 2002

68 downloads and no review?! Can someone please review this
Posted by Marcus 19th June, 2002

oh my god. you're really stupid for making this thing, instead of saving my bombs i used them all in the beginning. you're gay.
Posted by Crono 19th June, 2002

I'm stupid because you wasted your bombs? If u read the description I wrote that u shouldn't waste the bombs, u can also get bombs from enemies, after that room. You could just restart and get back there, it takes 2 minutes.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th June, 2002

why do I get the feeling that "marcus" is SimonR?
Posted by DBack 20th June, 2002

circy, that's exactly what i first thought
Posted by DBack 20th June, 2002

not that I care though
Posted by C-Media 20th June, 2002

marcus, you even called me gay! Your so obssesed with gays, you must be gay yourself...
Posted by Tockus 20th June, 2002

no, joe collinson IS gay
Posted by diablos 20th June, 2002

this game is good and has promise, but the baldness on the back of cid's head looks also has pretty good graphics and I can't wait till its would have been good though if there was a boss in the demo.But overall its a good game and has promise
Posted by diablos 20th June, 2002

this game is good and has promise, but the baldness on the back of cid's head looks also has pretty good graphics and I can't wait till its would have been good though if there was a boss in the demo.But overall its a good game and has promise
Posted by Master of Nothing 20th June, 2002

Dude, I love this game. It is very well put together, except that sometimes when you die and try again it dosn't reset your life bar. Please get help with your grammer; If your game has poor grammer it won't be as professional. The graphics were not the best, but people don't think about how much work is put into making an RPG. I would REALLY like to know how you did the dialog text. Could you post a tutorial? (I know there is a tutorial for such things, but the one I downloaded was poorly documented and hard to understand.) Good work!
Posted by Crono 20th June, 2002

I know about the life thing and I fixed it but what was the problems with the grammer other then the name Johnny?
Posted by vortex2 20th June, 2002

cool game :). i hate when other pepole say bad stuff about a game expecially when the commenter probally couldnt do better himself.
Posted by UF Comtec 21st June, 2002

I wrote a review on the game. ^^
Posted by Master of Nothing 21st June, 2002

You said "Hes" unsted of He's. And I can't go in the last door in the cave. TELL ME HOW YOU DID THE TEXT!!!!!
Posted by Master of Nothing 21st June, 2002

REVIEW: When I first saw this game I thought it wouldn't be good, but discoverd it was actually a lot of fun. The game play is super fun and kind of like zelda. The stat system is well put together, and complex enough to impress. This is one of the best click RPG demo's I've played, and there havn't been many lately. Also, it's such a small download, so why not? Here
Posted by Master of Nothing 21st June, 2002

Posted by C-Media 22nd June, 2002

no tockus! why would i be gay?
Posted by Tockus 23rd June, 2002

cos you wear pink aprons
Posted by T.U.G.A. 23rd August, 2002

crono,your a stupid 12 year old
Posted by Silveraura 6th October, 2002

Yea, but I thing that comments are for the GAME not the PERSON. And if you have a problem with so called "Stupid" 12 year olds then you should Leave The Daily Click Because he's not the only one! I'm 12 Derek is 12 & bunce of others!
Posted by Crono 11th October, 2002

umm Daniel i'm pretty sure i made it so you couldn't fight the boss. O yeah and i quiting workin on the game :( i might make another game like it soon.
Posted by Made by NEWT! 5th November, 2002

okay gay issues jk =)
Posted by Danny 23rd November, 2002

the link doesn't work
Posted by Crono 30th December, 2002

right click and "save target as" it says that two times in the description
Posted by ~gamerz~ 5th August, 2004

Could you please help me out, I am new to, and I am currently using games factory. I was wondering could you tell me how to make a save feature because I am making a game wich requires one. Thank you





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