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Play Up! - Custom Platform Movements
Author: Heart Break Kid Submitted: 23rd April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 211

Play Up! - Custom Platform Movements

Custom Platform Movements engine with the following features:

Horizontal Movements with Acceleration/Deceleration
Vertical Movements i.e jump and gravity
Water movements
Ladder climbing
Spring movements

Basic platform movements & additional movements ( i.e. water , ladder , spring ) are in two separate levels , so if you are just planning to use the basic platform movements , then you don't need to checkout even the advance additional movements. You can understand and then modify the engine as you wish to.


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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd April, 2006

Not bad at all, a bit basic, but you seem to be learning. Keep it up.
Posted by Stixdude 25th April, 2006

It's not good, but it's not that bad either.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 26th April, 2006

It's so/so. When you jump in the water, you just float to your doom. You bounce right through obstacles and stuff...and the engine itself reminds me a bit of Teapot's engine example....
Posted by Heart Break Kid 26th April, 2006

this thing was basically built for basic platform movements , and they work perfectly. Additional movements is just an extra and most of those work just fine .. i did'nt spend more than 1.5 minute to get done with the water movements , so don't expect much from them
Posted by Bibin 28th April, 2006

I don't think HBK made this. Look at the comments in the engine file. He never writes in that neat language.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 28th April, 2006

Teh Bibmaster , lol i don't see any reasons for you to say that .. exactly how do you guess i don't write such comments? check out my other engines and articles too then
Posted by Peblo 28th April, 2006

That Flintstones game you released not too long ago displayed no skill. You expect us to think you just 'magically' gained talent?
Posted by Heart Break Kid 29th April, 2006

Peblo [GameMine] , the scooby doo game i released before that looked better , did i suddenly lost all the talent when i started with flinstones? Peblo .. you once said that my game and writing quality took a leap as compared to my other games , one thing you missed was that , those 'other games' were 2.5 years old , which are now deleted.. peoples become better within all these years
Posted by Bibin 29th April, 2006

That barely made any sense.
Posted by Arneckian 30th April, 2006

Talent? What talent?
Posted by Peblo 30th April, 2006

That Scooby Doo game was made 2.5 years ago?
Posted by Heart Break Kid 3rd May, 2006

Teh Bibmaster> yes it did , try reading again
Tyscorp> i'am not amazed , that u don't know anything about it
Peblo> You're confused too , maybe i confused you all..
Try reading again......... Use your damn brains to understand complexed sentences .. Duh! Intelligence is like an ocean , the deeper it is .. the harder it is for bad swimmers to swim in it .. thats what i think
Posted by 6th May, 2006

you are thief ban him
Posted by Heart Break Kid 6th May, 2006

and you're an idiot .. get lost, by yourself!
Just dont throw out all your imaginary comments like this , coz these imaginary comments are affecting the author and the users. Same goes for all the others trying to be bad asses here
Play Up V2 is gonna be there , after seeing how good Play Up! is going all this time so just BuzZZ Off fatty!
Posted by DaVince 8th May, 2006

Heh, you don't sound convincing at all, HBK.
Posted by Peblo 9th May, 2006

¨_¨ It's not our fault we can't understand your sentences because you use improper grammar.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 13th May, 2006

DaVince: neither i'am trying to..
Peblo: I don't .. you just mentioned in one of your posts ( indirectly ) that i use proper grammer.. you look seriously confused
Posted by Kazuma 4th November, 2006

HBK, you're an arrogant asshole and you need to die.
Posted by MBK 11th February, 2008

I wish you guys wouldn't call him HBK ... looks too much like my initials -.- ... MBK

As for the thief comments, it's bad form to call someone a thief (even if they happened to be one) without some sort of proof.

If you knew the true owner and therefore knew for a fact that he was a thief and not the real creator of said project, or by some other infallible means, then and only then, would it be good form to call him a thief.

It's not right to start arguments over something like this anyways. I don't think he would gain much prestige by stealing an engine that anyone with the smallest bit of skill could produce.

But, i'm sure he's gaining skills at a faster rate than I at this current moment, and may become as skilled as you all proclaim to be.

Since this is such a late post, he might have surpassed you all by now.

It's kind of funny how i talk to past conversations that are already over is it not ?

I just can't help myself sometimes
Posted by setš tuomo 16th May, 2008

broken download nowadays






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