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K&P Scrolling Engine
Author: Heart Break Kid Submitted: 31st March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 108

Edited By Heart Break Kid on 21/04/2006

You were'nt able to make any scrolling games in KNP.
Now you can

You can make scrolling games with complete control over Level environment and A.I. . You can make games simillar to those using tgf or mmf with K&P with A.I. and scrolling levels & offcourse the level environment will respond to obstacles. Thats all you need to make a good old scrolling title.

I thought of this engine , or say trick when i just came to knew that KNP dont have any scrolling capabilities. That was like 4-5 years back .. And now iam making an engine about it ..

If there are any K&P users still left. Use it!! .. Or just check out the simple trick

There is a detailed tutorial on how to use and understand the engine. That tutorial is much more complicated than the engine itself. So dont you dare try reading it

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Posted by Assault Andy 31st March, 2006

Do you realize how many times KNP scrolling engines have been posted?
Posted by Mruqe 31st March, 2006

Yay. Another one.
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st March, 2006

its not even a very good one at that.
Posted by Cecilectomy 1st April, 2006

how 'bout not
Posted by TimTheMeany 1st April, 2006 big news
Posted by Aptennap 1st April, 2006

i need this i've got TGF so...
Posted by axel 1st April, 2006
Posted by Heart Break Kid 1st April, 2006

Assault Andy
There were none at this site
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st April, 2006

This is a most ancient Klik trick. It's nothing new.
Posted by AndyUK 1st April, 2006

it's quite easy to do, but i supose someone may find this usefull.
Posted by Heart Break Kid 1st April, 2006

It took me 2 seconds to think about this trick as soon as i came to know that k&p dont have any scrolling functions & i was 12 years old at that time. So if you'll say it "easy" then i can agree
Posted by Cecilectomy 1st April, 2006

@techno games

Tgf has built in scrolling. why would you need this? This is for "Klik N Play".
Posted by Heart Break Kid 3rd April, 2006

GOOD NEWS! Engine did'nt even make it to GOTW!
Posted by Mruqe 3rd April, 2006

Congratulations on your - another - riped avatar
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 5th April, 2006

Whoa...convenient! Wish I would've had it while I was still doing Klik & Play.





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