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Radar Tutorial
Author: Heart Break Kid Submitted: 26th February, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 192

Edited By Heart Break Kid on 27/02/2006

Edited By Heart Break Kid on 27/02/2006

Ok ... All the .GAM Radar Tutorials from this site were gone so here it is .. a brand new tutorial for you

It, offcourse has a simple RADAR thing but with that i have also showed you how to make a Radar if the Number of the good/bad objects are beyond manual control e.t.c , how a realistic Radar can work ( offcourse not with those kool graphics ) .. but they'll teach you atleast something


BACKUP LINK: Ok , i dont know why but some users say that the brinkster link is broken .. its only a 10.1KB file and the link was perfectly working for me .. yet, here you go ... A BaCk UP!! LiNk:

Review This Download (10.1 kkb )
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Posted by Werbad 26th February, 2006

I cant download
Posted by 26th February, 2006

pretty cool im gonna use dis in castle
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 27th February, 2006

Link is broken

Posted by Heart Break Kid 27th February, 2006

I dont know why you guys were having problems with a Brinkster link especially when the file is only 10.1KB .. Anywayz a new link is added .. Please read the whole topic again to find it somewhere!! ... On second thought .. heres your link
Enjoy Once More!!

Posted by 27th February, 2006

Nice!!! Thumbs up!
Posted by Peblo 27th February, 2006

Are you sure YOU made this? The writing in the readme and the game quality from your others sure did take a leap.
Posted by Arneckian 1st March, 2006

Don't you mean complement?
Posted by Arneckian 1st March, 2006

This was not made by you!!! The E-Mail in the readme is, yours is
Posted by Heart Break Kid 30th March, 2006

LOL Tyscorp .. ( if exists ) is a TDC email ... is mine!!
Posted by Heart Break Kid 8th April, 2006

Peblo [GameMine] .. Checkout my other games too then
Posted by Bibin 28th April, 2006

I beleive he did. You don't seem to like to make many of your games.

Posted by Heart Break Kid 29th April, 2006

You're stupid . All my games looks the same , i like making games thats why i'am here! , stop taking it personally .. its clear you just trying to throw out your personal emotions about me, and if you're not .. then again.. You're Stupid

Posted by Fish20 15th December, 2007

it doesn't find the download file in the new file u put on. And no theres nothing wrong with my internet.





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