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Battle Screensaver
Author: 14284_14284 Submitted: 2nd January, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 82

Edited By 14284_14284 on 02/01/2006

This is a screensaver where two teams battle it out, they build houses and attack the other team, this is fun to watch, even though there is no sound

It is interactive, you can click the mouse to fire a laser from the sky, so you can help or completely destroy a team,

alt+f4 to quit

There are 3 maps, which are randomly selected:

Settlers=9 villagers from the blue team will come from the top left corner and 9 villagers from the red team will come out of the opposite, prepare for battle
This is the most even map

Invaders=the blues start with a small village, then some red villagers come, and later some soldiers, can the blues defend their lands?
Blues win mostly

Invaders2=same as Invaders, but the reds have a bigger army
Reds win about all the time


Villager: most basic unit, builds houses
Swordsman: armed with a sword, kills villagers and other swordsman
Knight: armed with sword and shield, kills armed units, but thinks it unhonourable to kill unarmed people
Bomber: runs into enemy buildings and explodes

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Posted by ben mercer 2nd January, 2006

hehehe thats pretty funny
Posted by 14284_14284 2nd January, 2006

you like it?
Posted by DaVince 2nd January, 2006

That link kinda looks unsafe...
Posted by 14284_14284 2nd January, 2006

works fine for me, if youve got a better web host tell me
Posted by KevinHaag 2nd January, 2006

what host are you using now?
Posted by KevinHaag 2nd January, 2006

this looks strangely familiar with something i downloaded a few days ago... it was just like this almost
Posted by 14284_14284 3rd January, 2006

well, if you think i stole it, i didnt
Posted by Zethell 4th January, 2006

I use my own filehost.
Posted by 5th January, 2006

Im scared to download it.... looks unsafe
Posted by Deophron 5th January, 2006

No worries guys, I downloaded it and it was savely atleast for me. Anyway, that's quite cool, would you make non-rezised version of this also?
Posted by 14284_14284 5th January, 2006

hmm... maybe
Posted by 14284_14284 11th January, 2006

Heh? how the hell did i get into the GOTW?
Posted by Jakob37 11th January, 2006

I canīt download it.





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