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Cave Dave
Author: Tiles Submitted: 2nd January, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 143
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Edited By Tiles on 9/3/2011

Edited By Clubsoft on 02/01/2006

Cave Dave is the hunter of a Stone Age clan. And his clan is always hungry. So he has to hunt rabbits so that its clan has something to eat.

Cave Dave is a simple One Frame shooting game. You explore a valley with Cave Dave, a cave man, and hunt rabbits. If you have shot all rabbits in the present level, it goes back to the home cave. And then the next level starts. Of course every hunting excursion is a little bit harder than the previous one. Such a valley is not quite harmless. You should avoid to run into the stone wall or the bushes. This hurts and costs a life. There are also several opponents which makes it not this easy for our Cave Dave. The neighbor clan for example. Or wild animals.

You play with Mouse and Keyboard

Pressing the CTRL Button speeds up Cave Dave
Pressing SHIFT slows down Cave Dave
Cave Dave always moves towards the Mouse Cursor
You throw a spear with an rightclick
You cast a spell with left click, which destroys all current enemies. When a spell is available ...

Minimum requirements:

Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP
Direct X 8 or higher
1 Ghz Processor is recommended
256 MB of Ram

Runs on slower PCīs, but makes no fun there.

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Posted by 14284_14284 2nd January, 2006

hmm good, but the controls are quite hard...
Posted by Windybeard Games 3rd January, 2006

sounds interesting, if its anything like your other games i bet its great. i will download later!
Posted by Tiles 3rd January, 2006

The game idea is like Rumbeard the Pirate. One frame, and growing difficulty with every level up to impossible. But itīs different from it in some areas. Like the controls.
I donīt think that itīs too hard to control. This way to control the game is in fact the part that i like most at it
Posted by 14284_14284 3rd January, 2006

must admit thoh it is a good game, ecspeically the graphics, like all your games, ive seen your site, how do make so many graphics that good?
Posted by 14284_14284 3rd January, 2006

if i use your graphics do i have to give credit?

sorry for double post
Posted by Tiles 3rd January, 2006

The graphics part is a thing of years of collecting experience and knowledge as well as shaping all the stuff

Credits ? No real need when your game is a non commercial one. But always welcome
Posted by Tiles 8th January, 2006

Casting magic showed some quirks. Nothing worldshaking. But i have reuploaded a fixed version. It is 1.01 now. Download URL stays the same.
Posted by 15th January, 2006

idk how you create these beautiful 3d games almost at the same time?
Posted by ben mercer 15th January, 2006

the graphics are good, i don't like the controls though, i think it would be better if when you let go of the go faster key he slows down automatically, that way you don't use 2 keys where 1 will suffice.
Posted by Tiles 15th January, 2006

But in that way you would have to hold down the key all the time. Thatīs why i have solved it the current way.
Posted by Dogzer 16th January, 2006

setup? no way man, that sucks, i dont want registries of your game all over my hdd just so when i click uninstall i get an error. f*ck taht
Posted by Tiles 16th January, 2006

What makes you think that creating a normal folder and a shortcut in the Start menu and the desktop to the containing exe makes different registry entries than an installer? Itīs just the Uninstall shield that is more. But an Uninstall shield is a must nowadays. Everything else sucks. Why bother the user to manually remove all game related stuff?

When you have problems uninstalling this game you should have a look at your system. Definitely something wrong with it.
Posted by Andrew Barontini 17th January, 2006

Dogzer, you need to chill. Great game.
Posted by John Ragland 19th January, 2006

Tiles, your Kung fu is becoming quite good.

Imagine what you will be able to do with MMF 2!
Posted by Tiles 19th January, 2006

Games i hope
Posted by Moonyjacob 21st January, 2006

i don't like this game it is rather shit:@
Posted by Tiles 22nd January, 2006

What a statement ...
Posted by izac 2nd March, 2006

Everyone thinks the graphics are good, but no man! the graphics suck! they looked ripped, they look like they don't fit anywhere in the game.

You must be good at modelling, so why make graphices that suck like these!?

You should make a VIOLONT!!! blood game with zombies with realistic effects, not a panty game like this!





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