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Pancake Luigi
Author: Tiles Submitted: 14th November, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 102

Edited By Tiles on 9/3/2011

Pancake Luigi is a small Highscore hunting Fungame for when you have one or two minutes left.

The goal is to throw as much perfect pancake throws as possible within the given time.

You play by simply clicking with left Mousebutton. Or by pressing Spacebar. Then Luigi throws his pancake. You can get some more extra time by throwing the pancake perfect three times after each other.

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Posted by Ski 15th November, 2006

lol! the pancake hit him in the face?
Posted by axel 15th November, 2006

Wtf what is that, man-boobs?
Posted by kankki 15th November, 2006

Cool game Simple.. but cool! Thumbs up
Posted by Dani Johnson 15th November, 2006

Cool i like it
Posted by Tiles 15th November, 2006

Glad to hear

Axel, what do you mean?
Posted by Aptennap 15th November, 2006

nice graphics
Posted by DaVince 15th November, 2006

I feared the worst (a MARIO GAME) when I read the title. Glad it isn't!
Posted by steve 15th November, 2006

lol I was thinking the same thing ^^ (Downloading)
Posted by Tiles 16th November, 2006

Naah. I wouldn't bother you with a Mario Clone. It's just that Luigi has fit best for a cooks name here
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 16th November, 2006

is this made with MMF?

if it is...TEACH ME!!!!! I WANT TO BE ABLE TO USE 3D GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 16th November, 2006

The graphics are excellent, the rendered animations fit together really well and the models are well done and the voicework fits in. The gameplay isn't so amazing though, it's kind of just clicking, and it gets too easy when you get into the routine. I can see a large amount of talent went towards this game though. Your 3D skills are definitely better than mine.
Posted by Tiles 17th November, 2006

Thank you

Pancake Luigi was meant to be a one laugh fungame. And so is the gameplay. Very basic and easy. Definitely nothing for whole evening sessions

As for 3D: it is prerendered. You just need to learn how to model, texture, rig and animate your stuff. Then render as Bitmaps and import into MMf. Needs a few years though to learn it all
Posted by Tim 17th November, 2006

BMP!? No wonder its 15 mb
Posted by Tiles 18th November, 2006

Huh? It doesn't matter what lossless format you import to MMF. TGA, BMP, PNG. They all result in same size.

The sprite was 500x300 with 300 animation pictures, uncropped. Even cropped it's around 350x200 in size. Makes around 9 MB just for the sprite in 32K colours. Plus 3 MB for the Music plus all the small stuff like menu and background pictures. That's why it's 15 MB

Posted by Ganymede Graphics 18th November, 2006

i'm really (really) impressed you actually made all those objects with reflections and all, like the sink and bench full of stuff. It really shows that you really like to put as much effort into your games as possible, no matter how simple it is not just stuff it and submit it half finished.
Your my idle.
Posted by Peblo 18th November, 2006

I idle too.
Posted by DaVince 19th November, 2006

A setup program for a short fun-game is a bit overkill though.
Posted by Tiles 20th November, 2006

Not at all. Sure, for us here it is no problem to handle a zip file that contains all the stuff. And for a this small game it may be indeed a bit overkill.

But the standard Windows user, which is my main client, knows how to turn on windows and how to install a game or app by an installer. And that's it in most cases.

I provide zipped graphics too besides my games. And from time to time i receive mails that asks how to open the zip files. That's why i prefer to use an installer for my games. Never had a mail that asks how to use the installer
Posted by /\/\@RCU$ [Modern Game Creations] 27th November, 2006

your talented man





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