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reiners tilecutter
Author: Tiles Submitted: 11th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 181

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Edited By Tiles on 12/5/2005

Tilecutter is a special program for cutting out predefined rectangular areas of a Picture.Therefor it makes a screenshot of the area between the red brackets and then store it as 24 bit bitmaps with growing number.Minimumsize of the capture area:16 x 16 Pixel . Maximum : 512 x 512 Pixel.and this all with two buttonspressing.

good for quick extracting tiles from a tileset,without having hazzle to do it in a paintprogram:select area,copy,make new picture,paste,save as...
english manual in html is inside

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Posted by Zi-Xiao 11th January, 2003

This would be pretty good if it was in english
Posted by Tiles 12th January, 2003

if it was?umn,sorry,it only uses the german IS in english ;-)
Posted by Alexander 12th January, 2003

Posted by bigdave 12th January, 2003

i'll download this when someone can confirm that the game is in english
Posted by Tiles 13th January, 2003

LOL,what a discussion.i told you that the SCREENSHOTS are from the GERMAN version.the program and the documentation is in ENGLISH. by the way,it is a program and not a game...;-) allright ,for all of you who think that i am making jokes:i uploaded two screenshots from the english version : i never thought that this would make in future i will always upload screenies in english here :-)
Posted by bigdave 13th January, 2003

well it shouldn't be on this site! can u not read the URL 'create-GAMES' :) lol
Posted by Tiles 14th January, 2003

well,it is a helperapp for creating why not? ;-)
Posted by Hempuli 15th November, 2006

Well done!





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