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Kool Stool
Author: David Niemeyer Submitted: 18th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 141

Edited By David Niemeyer on 6/2/2005

Traverse 9 levels as a vengeful slab of fecies on a journey to destroy
the evil Farmer Dan.

+9 levels and 5 different environments and 4 bosses
+18-level minigame between levels
+Cusom engine
+clean graphics and play style
+Skipable cutsceens
+good ol fashioned jump on their heads, platforming fun

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 18th January, 2005

Kool Stool, eh? Sounds strange. Downloading P.S (screenies look great!)
Posted by David Niemeyer 18th January, 2005

hey phizzy- never encounterd that bug. does it happen at any particular point? has anyone else run into the bug?
Posted by ChasetheCheese 18th January, 2005

No bug on 1-2, bu i the program did give me an error message in 2-2 I believe. This game looks so, so, pretty, really well animated and lots of props on that man :D BUT.. the sound.. no music? Standard sounds? I was virtually crying when I heared them :o They kinda dishonor the graphics. Seriously, if this game had more sounds, and music, it would be way more pretty. Because, the character design, the enemies, (The way the radio dude changes into a spike by nodging his head forward, just brilliant :D), its all so well done. Therefore, get sound, and you will make me a happy man. If you are desperate, you can even get music of sites like Just google for midi's, and theres loads of sound libraries out there. Maybe someone on the board would like to make music for your game though, i bet theyve got some music composers on there :D
Posted by AndyUK 18th January, 2005

great stuff, the gameplay seems standard enough but there is enough extra to make it above average. it seems that when you walk off the edge of a platform he falls way too fast with instant acceleration
Posted by gustav 18th January, 2005

Ah, you're the guy who made The Quest for Darla... Since you are my hero, i will download this and rejoice. etc.
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 18th January, 2005

Wow, neat graphics. I noticed the fall thingy, but the music in the first just HAS to be from the Secret of Mana! Is it? Lol, it sounds exactly like it. It's probably unintentional, but i just thought you'd like to know it sounds similar. Anyone else notice that?
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 19th January, 2005

Comedy "Kool Stool Sample" Option.
Posted by David Niemeyer 19th January, 2005

he falls too fast because I'm stupid -don't know how to remove double jumping without screwing something up. the music is too common because I'm lazy -didn't do alot of looking around. just grabbed some songs and went with em. Its got illegal operation bugs because I'm broke -can't upgrade to the less buggy multimedia fussion because I'm a dirty janitor bastard for a living. if you wish I can sing a songgggg with a gentle melody about the large brested and the simpler things in life. or maybe about that truly bastard of an otter that stole my pillow. no im m m not crazy goodnight
Posted by ChasetheCheese 19th January, 2005

ehr..what i the only one without music? *goes and check again*
Posted by ChasetheCheese 19th January, 2005

No shit, it does have music! I swear to god I heared nothing the first time, just effects, and I pressed ctrl+m a lot to double check. Now that I do hear music, it slows the game down, and when I disable the music, the game automatically sets the level to the world screen every single time :P
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 19th January, 2005

A game about shit? The world's going mad
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 19th January, 2005

Great game! :D I loved the beginning cut scene! Hope to see a sequel...*hint* *hint*
Posted by Zimtower 19th January, 2005

this game is crap and i mean literal crap, it is awesome!
Posted by DaVince 20th January, 2005

Why didn't you name it 'CrapLand'? XD
Posted by izac 20th January, 2005

This game is really bad i can't be bothered to even play the game it's not that good at all!
Posted by David Niemeyer 20th January, 2005

its a pretty basic game. you like it or you don't. It lacks the spark of other games this week and I'm not very enthusiastic about defending it. My vote is going to that mushroom whale game... thats a mighty fine game.
Posted by Coop 20th January, 2005

I got that bug where it goes to the bonus level to i think. It brought me to some guy throwing a ball and there was nothing i could do. When i got hit it just reset. What i played was very good tho. gj
Posted by David Niemeyer 21st January, 2005

lol thats the first boss. its kinda hard but you have to jump on his head and not get hit by the ball. Also if he exits left it restarts because there was a bug when he loops.
Posted by David Niemeyer 21st January, 2005

thanks to those who downloaded it. I'll try a lil' harder next time :P
Posted by The Chris Street 21st January, 2005

o_O I'd swear I posted here saying the game crashes on 1.2 yesterday... It crashes on 1.2 ;)
Posted by Pabloa 27th January, 2005

The link is broken.
Posted by Cazra 30th January, 2005

I wanna play. Fix the link
Posted by David Niemeyer 30th January, 2005

Swiki isn't working, geocities should sufice from here down the road.






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