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Mario Lost His Boots
Author: David Niemeyer Submitted: 16th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 702

Edited By David Niemeyer on 1/26/2005

Edited By David Niemeyer on 5/27/2003

The title says it all. Collect 5 keys in each of the 9 levels. Using your trusty plumbers pipe to knock out enemies.
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Posted by 16th July, 2002

sounds strange,but fun!D loading now!
Posted by 16th July, 2002

hey can u get people to check out my GAM SET it has objects u can use in MMF and TGA
Posted by 16th July, 2002

ill try ;-)
Posted by Poke & Gravy 16th July, 2002

Wow! Folks, don't be fooled by the fact that this is a mario clone from a new member with a short description and broken screenshots...THIS IS A QUALITY GAME!
Posted by Chamzel 16th July, 2002

Taken time to look at where he has his pictures and game uploaded to? It can tell you why the picture links are broken. It's G-E-O-C-I-T-I-E-S ! ! ! =O Though I've heard there's supposed to be some way to allow people using Geocities to sneak-link pictures and files to other sites with a .txt extension. knowing my luck, though, Geocities has probably already blocked this sort of activity. ...err... oh yeah... games with ripped graphics suxxors, even though I can't see the two pictures to judge what the game is like for myself. This goes for that Goemon game that was introduced earlier, too.
Posted by Chamzel 16th July, 2002

My lack of competents and sense has made me not read what Poke & Gravy said the right way, thus resulting in me saying some utterly jerkish and retarded thing. =o
Posted by bizzyGames 16th July, 2002

Yea what poke said. This is a good game. Good graphics and all. And his toes...lets just say I want toes like that. Forget about finding his boots, he looks good enough without em! :)
Posted by Chamzel 17th July, 2002

That was... definitely an odd game... I went in with the ol Mario Game feeling and came out with a "Dang it, I can't jump on the deformed goombas!! Stupid wrench!" feeling. Can't say I uninstalled it, though.
Posted by David Niemeyer 17th July, 2002

After seeing a pretty bad game get many downloads only because it starred Mario (mario's nightmare) I decided to get my pretty bad game out and do some reworking. Changed the main sprite into mario, through a bunch of pipes around the game, Cut the first worlds enemies bodies out, drew freakish smiles on every thing and slaped MARIO on the title screen. and as expected it worked. Maybe from now on I'll use MARIO in all my games...
Posted by 18th July, 2002

Heh .I liked the goombas.Lol.That wuz some pretty neat animating.
Posted by David Niemeyer 18th July, 2002

There were many bugs I knew about but forgot to fix: 1)You don't get your lives back after you die. -you have to exit the game then restart it- 2) on some of the levels (don't know which ones) When you fall a cliff it takes all your lives away and I supose (though this never hapened to me) some Of the enimies can take all of your lives away in one hit as well. 3)THE first level dosn't give you an extra life after you obtained 100 coins. 4)On the last level sometimes you get a double, triple or even quadruple (i meant to spell that wrong if i did) mario after you die. *note I used the default platform movement simply because I didn't know how to make one of my own. (remember people I'm a NEWBIE with broken screenshot links and a short description)
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 17th September, 2002

What a crap. I saw better games. But it is not so bad as Spiderman.
Posted by The Chris Street 17th September, 2002

Its not Geocities, its called Geoshities, as everyone calls it
Posted by BJ Turner 29th December, 2002

Yeah you know that anyone will download a Mario game even if it is by a new member with a short description and broken screenshots. :)
Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 2nd August, 2004

When I try to install it it just says read error... I'll try re-downloading it.
Posted by Jimmy Pig 19th September, 2004

dang! The broken screenshots and short description made it even better! It leaves you in suspense, thumbs down! i lie there going up.
Posted by David Niemeyer 19th January, 2005

its always sad looking back. damn near 600 downloads 4 reviews and all this crap for this fan game. Damn that little fat guy with a red cap, he's a real true bastard. *runs away peeing then falls down in his own pee and says eww and wipes his hands with his shirt but hes wearing a white shirt so he takes it off because you can see the pee*
Posted by DaVince 26th January, 2005

Know what? Re-upload it. The title says enough :D
Posted by David Niemeyer 26th January, 2005

actually you just have to capitalize the m_l_h_b, here I'll do it for you : its case sensitive, but the daily click just dosn't care. no, they don't care about you or me. Thats why I eat so much. DAMN YOU DAILY CLICK! YOU RUINED MEEEEEEeeee! *falls in place masterbating to sher*






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