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The Quest for Darla
Author: David Niemeyer Submitted: 22nd May, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 313

Darla is my baby. I breath Darla, I smell Darla like the flowers in the fields of life. I'd do damn near anything for Darla. Not to brag, but not only is Darla semi-intelegent, shes a hot, hot, bean burrito. If you had a woman any thing Like Darla, you wouldn't be here right now you'd be huggin' her and kissin' her like the worlds gonna' explode in a few minutes!

But one day... Darla gets stolen away from my kissing lips, swooped into the air where the evil and Jelious Hank looks down upon me! DAMN YOU HANNK! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!!

-Help me Save my lover from the evil clutches of Hank.
-Go through 10 levels of platforming fun poping my buddies in the face
-Discover the patterns of 5 bosses.
-View a bunch of optional cutsceens of me fighting for the woman I love.

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd May, 2004

Dude, You need some better hosting than geocities. Funny and disturbing. I like
Posted by gustav 22nd May, 2004

hahahaha, semi-intelligent. you lucky dog. what is up with all these guys making games about rescuing their girlfriends? showing their heroic sides through PIXEL GREAFICXS!!1 i honestly cant see how a woman/girl can be happy about something like this... maybe cause the ones i associate with arent SEMI-intelligent... ah well. it doesnt look bad atleast. if this is a joke-game, then im sorry, if its not.... hahahahahahaha!
Posted by Willy C 22nd May, 2004

you are out of badwith
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd May, 2004

Right click and save as. This game is very disturbing... in the fact that you spend so much time designing the mostly good bosses and levels. I got to the 3rd boss and quit cos I was starting to get bored. And annoyed.
Posted by David Niemeyer 22nd May, 2004

Darla is fake. (I wish I could land a girl like that) It was going to be a little joke type game but then it started taking too long so I gave it more of my time and this is where it ended up. If you have any troubles with the bosses or levels you can skip em' with these passwords. world 2-beach world 3-forest world 4-snow world 5-castle
Posted by KlikFactory 22nd May, 2004

The bandwidth is all used up
Posted by Willy C 22nd May, 2004

shit this game really is disturbing. Also youve forgotten to protect the game, its open source
Posted by David Niemeyer 22nd May, 2004

good job phizzy! some of my freinds thought it was impossible. Geocities does suck, but theres not much I can do, I'm very sorry. Disturbing? where are you guys getting this from? isn't it about whats on the inside? shallow. meh... why protect it? you people are getting to commercialized with your games, loosen up at let other folks check out what you had to work with.
Posted by Willy C 22nd May, 2004

funny game, like the grapics. Also I looked into your event editor and was suprised that there was only 40 events
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd May, 2004

You should try and make a proper game with this almost comic book graphic style - I think it'd be very good if you put serious effort into it. Platform engine :D
Posted by David Niemeyer 22nd May, 2004

Thanks Circy, I'll definatly look into that. I'm probably going to have to rip off someones engine though. Gotta start somewhere XD
Posted by Keatonian 22nd May, 2004

At first, I thought you literally ment child... And then you said kissing... In any case, Downloading :D
Posted by Keatonian 22nd May, 2004

Er, seems gone. I tried all the methods I could think of... I'll DL later... :(
Posted by David Niemeyer 22nd May, 2004

Thanks phizzy, I'll probably work something out of your mario platform engine example. I don't want to force you to create a whole new engine, esspecially if the game I create dosn't match your standards.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd May, 2004

Looks cool! Downloading+Reviewing! :D
Posted by Zimtower 23rd May, 2004

eh....? wat is dis,this download better be put up or i will freak out.If you need someone to host this ,i can host it for u.
Posted by Zimtower 23rd May, 2004

just email me the game if u r intrested an ill give you the url to ur game.
Posted by Keeper 23rd May, 2004

use a different webserver like frewebs or tripod..or all three...!lol Later, Keeper
Posted by gustav 23rd May, 2004

ok, i just downloaded it. please accept my humble apology. damn, that darla is too hot for words.
Posted by Wormware 23rd May, 2004

the game looks very funny, too bad I can't download it right now.. Stupid Geo*bla*bla*louzy*mumb*le...
Posted by David Niemeyer 23rd May, 2004

gustav, see I told you she was hot!!! j/k :P Once again I'm sorry about the hosting. And to zimmtower, I don't really have an acount that will let me send a 2.66 meg attachment, I rely on Yahoo and Geocities for too much. I'll do some free web host shoping before submitting my next one.
Posted by Tom Alder 23rd May, 2004

this looks good. il try :)
Posted by xXAaronXx 23rd May, 2004

I got to ratman and then my guy went through the wall and I couldnt get him back in t he screen or make him die, you might wanna fix that. Add passwords too cuz I dont wanna play all the way to t he ratman part again.
Posted by ChrisB 23rd May, 2004

Re: Phizzy's review. "Oh my god, it's full of stars!"
Posted by KlikFactory 23rd May, 2004

Posted by KlikFactory 23rd May, 2004

This game would be better if there was a way to download it.
Posted by Zimtower 23rd May, 2004

ouch! looks like geocities is the best free host now days.they have 3 gb of bandwith per month! I was thinking of which is made for clickers but thier bandwith is 0.5 gb per month. looks like geocities is the can create a new account for downloads and use ur old one for regular web pages.
Posted by xinok 23rd May, 2004

I really think you should put your time towards something worth while. It would be ok if you just made this as a joke game with like 1 level. Its not hard to make your own custom movement: You need 2 counters for X speed and Y speed To move the object: Always Set X: X("Active") + Counter("X") Set Y: Y("Active") + Counter("Y") Then you need 4 actives to test for collisions You need these actives to follow the person: Always Top Active: Position (0, -15) from person Bottom Active: Position (0, 15) from person etc. Positioning them like this and having them follow the person around allows you to see if he hits a ceiling, wall, or ground (when falling). Hope that was some help :P
Posted by Strife 23rd May, 2004

Well, Freewebs is good too. It gives you 100mb of space, and the bandwidth is hardly ever used up. Unfortunately, any uploads over 1 mb take a much longer time to download... Platform engines? I found a handy Platform Object for MMF. It allows you to make a really nice platform movement with only 3-10 events. You can check it out it here:
Posted by David Niemeyer 23rd May, 2004

Thanks for the webhost suggestions guys, and thanks for the review phizzy ;) I'll check around for some engines, don't worry.
Posted by Muggus 24th May, 2004

This game's pretty good...but disturbing...quite disturbing indeed!
Posted by xinok 24th May, 2004

Yes, its a crap engine, but you gotta start somewhere.
Posted by xXAaronXx 24th May, 2004

whats up with the last boss, as soon as the level starts you just die. I try move to the sides and everything but I just die right away everytime as soon as I hit fat darlas bit nasty fat hand.
Posted by Shadow99 25th May, 2004

This is a good game, but the password system needs to be more prevalant. I played to level 4 or 5 then the game froze at Rat boy. I'd even made the comment while playing that I wish there was a password system. I never noticed one. Make that password system more obvious, or better yet, a save game feature? By the way, what the hell were you thinking with that rat boy boss? Thats almost impossible to beat!!!!
Posted by David Niemeyer 25th May, 2004

xXAaronXx- theres a timer bassed event thats suposed to blow you left. Either your computer is a little on the slow side or the timer is starting to slow or to quick. The game is open source, If you want to you could go in and change the value to suit your computer. Shadow99- ratman has a pattern, its just harder to figure out, and harder to perform do to the platform engine. You stay close to jump over the first two snowballs then jump up on to where he was to jump over the third snowball, then jump down to whack him.
Posted by Billy 28th May, 2004

(sigh) Darla, my Darla. I had a big crush on her in "Our Gang" also known as "The Little Rascals." :)
Posted by Imadjinn 29th May, 2004

What the flying f*ck was that all about. Great bosses, decent level design, OK engine. Why the hell do you drop on the last boss?! Soemthing tells me you're meant to start to the left of the fat slut, but you put the starting point in the wrong place! Well done!
Posted by David Niemeyer 29th May, 2004

I put the starting point there because the game glitches and misplaces the platforms when the level restarts sometimes. If you drop right into her you can hold jump at the start of the level to avoid collision. Billy I didn't intentionaly copy the name from that show. But thanks for bringing that up.
Posted by Fifth 29th May, 2004

Hoo,yah. Just beat it with a good 6 taco coins. The engine isn't much to speak of (of course,) but I love the graphics! You've put so much detail into the backgrounds... something you don't usually see in Click games. And the animations were great, too. So stylized, yet smooth... but weird... I dunno. I loved the way that "Midget King" guy moved.
Posted by MisterBull 3rd June, 2004

o.o;;; I feel so sorry for Darla as I play through this... but you did one heck of a job here ^_^ *gives you a 100*
Posted by Simon Colmer 3rd June, 2004

nice job, so good infact i have hosted a copy on my site so more people can download, find it at Hope more people can download it now!!
Posted by David Niemeyer 3rd June, 2004

Thanks guys! glad you liked it. Thanks a bundle Simon, your awsome! :)
Posted by Phizzy 15th June, 2015
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I'm sad that this is no longer available, anyone still have it and can upload on a host which still exists?





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