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Review: Kool Stool
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 19/01/2005


Ok, aside from an EXTREMEMLY upsetting plotline (I'll be talking about this game to a therapist several years from now... you know.. regarding that pig pulling the SPINES out of a mother, father and child FOR @#$%'& SAKE).

DUDE, get some damn therapy. I'm serious!

Ok, but on to the game... Graphics are the best part of this game. All graphics are not only handdrawn, but very stylishly animated. Aside from having some mental issues to be resolved at a later time, the author of this game has some serious talent. The walk cycles, characters, enemies and backgrounds all blend together perfectly creating a rich, cartooney and disturbing world.

Sounds also add a lot to this game. As soon as I heard the tune of "this is the dawning of the age of aquarius", I knew I had found something special here. Also, the chicken dance song at the game over screen, BRILLIANT.

Gameplay is perfect. I couldnt tell if it was a custom engine or not (usually I can, Im not sure whats throwing me), but regardless I guess it doesnt matter. Controls feel very solid and it's a breeze navigating levels. Boss fights are great fun as well!

Lastability is good, although could have been better with some save points or a better continue system. The lives/continues system is very poor and that hurts an otherwise very replayable game.

Overall, this is a masterpiece of disturbed mentality. If you are in school, and your teacher wants to take the class to a prison or mental ward (do they do that?), save her the time and recommend this game to the class.

Graphics are smooth and very professional, sounds are fitting, controls are solid, and you control walking feces. What else do you want in life?

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Posted by Entura 29th August, 2017

Now that I have got to the future (oooh, spoopy time machine. jk), why won't the download link work?

Is there a solution as how could this be fixed, Gigas?


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