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Megaman: The Omega Project
Author: X-Member14876 Submitted: 20th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 133

This is a Megaman fangame i have made. Please download it and comment it!

Original but improved platform-engine
Ripped graphics
Various musics, including my own music
2 levels in the demo
2 bosses

Shift = fire 1, jump
CTRL = shoot
Space = huge laser, needs 100 points
Arrows = move

There are no screenshots but please dl it anyway.


Review This Download (669kb )
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Posted by vortex2 20th May, 2004

Well, I know this is your first game so for future refrence: Dont use the orginal platform movement. its horrible and it just doesnt work AT ALL. go to and find an example of a custom platform movement and use it, or better yet upgrade to mmf and use the platform movement extention or something. The Graphics were ripped, and they were ripped poorly. The animations are badly done (the running for instance he just slides along). And you are missing a bunch of animations like shooting (it comes out of his stomach, make a shooting animation and change the action point....) Also key features like building up the shot and stuff dont exist.... Game AI: It doesnt exist in this game. I would try to do something besides having statinary enemies that just shoot at your direction....... Most people here hate fan games, and they hate games with ripped graphics, and bad engines. This has all 3 and well it just isnt that good. But it's your first effort ;). Keep trying :).
Posted by 20th May, 2004

Tell you what: *Im using an old version of tgf where you cant change the animation speed(thats why the animations are so bad) *Its so boring and hard to make a custom engnie, but i can do it *It takes long time to do AI *I have made games before, better than this... Thanks!
Posted by BattleCat 20th May, 2004

What's the fun in releasing something, if you know you could do better ?
Posted by vortex2 20th May, 2004

Sorry, it seemed you were a newbie from the quality of your game :S.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 20th May, 2004

guess what? Bo fu already made south park omega project awhile ago. And is already working on OP2. Sorry, its quite terrible, and if you can do make a custom engine. And your too lazy or bored of a person to do it. You don't deserve to post games because if your too lazy, its not going to be good, and you have not tried. Even though I doubt your skills to make AI or a CPengine.
Posted by 21st May, 2004

Im just making games coz its fun to make em... =)
Posted by X_Sheep 21st May, 2004

That's what most people here think :)
Posted by Shadow99 21st May, 2004

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT MAKE THE GAME RESIZE TO FIT SCREEN!!!! Noobs don't understand the difference between "fullscreen" and "resize to fit screen". If you do not have the option to have the game change the resolution mode of the computer to play the game, then DO NOT tell the game to resize itself to match resolutions of the computer. This game plays like crap. Absolute crap. Thats a shame because I was looking forward to playing it. LISTEN, make sure your game is playing in 256 color or 16 bit, NOT 32 bit. And if you cant change resolution modes within the game, then let it play in a window for the love of all things holy!!!!
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 21st May, 2004

Shadow, even though I dont enjoy this game much. I'd like to see you create a game which is at least a quarter of enjoyment this game provides, stfu newbie.
Posted by Shadow99 21st May, 2004

you people are idiots.
Posted by Shadow99 21st May, 2004

Seriously, I dont want to be mean. But how stupid do you have to be to set your game to stretch to the size of the screen?
Posted by Stian B. 23rd May, 2004

Resize to fit the screen is ok to use when it works. But this game ran too slowly.So you better use 16 bit colors,or not use this mode at all. Why not upgrade TGF to best version,and fix the problems?
Posted by 23rd May, 2004

On MY computer it WORKS PERFECTLY. But if you guys are sitting around with 16MB RAM and 100mhz computers i can help it. Sorry, but thats the truth!
Posted by Stian B. 23rd May, 2004

Well my computer specs are 1GB ram,AMD1800,GFTI4200,WIN XP,so its not that. As you might know,its not only affected by the hardware,many times the software. Try to decrease the colors to 16 bit or less. At least update it into 1.06 of TGF!
Posted by Shadow99 23rd May, 2004

Well hey Menardi, if you are just making these games for you, then don't post them here. Make them for you, then sit and play them by yourself. Your game isnt working well for others. I have a very nice PC, thanks for checking. I can run every other game just fine. Your game runs slower than any klik game I have every seen. You obviously do not understand the "resize to fit screen" option. Upgrade to a program that can change resolution modes, or simply allow users to play in a window. Right now, this game is absolute crap.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 24th May, 2004

Some pretty harsh comments in here, some of them uncalled for but most of them are accurate (if a bit nasty). I would consider upgrading to a more recent version of TGF if I were you. I hardly think this game is bad enough to say it's complete crap, but it is pretty bad, no offense intended. I know AI is hard to work with, but even enemies that walk back and forth are better than completely stationary enemies that shoot at you every so often. Also, keep in mind that ripping graphics is generally a death certificate for a game, but at least you made a note that the graphics were ripped. Also, default movement = bad, but you've already been told this several times so I won't go into it. I'm glad you said that you make games because it's fun to make them. More people need to see it like that, rather than amateur game making being one big competition. One final piece of advice, if someone tells you something is wrong with the game, listen to it, don't assume it's their problem. I'm referring to "On MY computer it WORKS PERFECTLY. But if you guys are sitting around with 16MB RAM and 100mhz computers i can help it. Sorry, but thats the truth!"
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 3rd June, 2004







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