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Review: Megaman: The Omega Project
Author: Shadow99
Added: 23/05/2004

After a few dry weeks on the Daily Click, its nice to see something familiar come along. Unlike many people who hate fan games, I really enjoy them as long as some heart gets put into them.

I was VERY excited to see a megaman game. I downloaded it immediatley. I was absolutley prepared and commited to playing it all the way through.

Imagine my dismay as a 320 X 240 megaman fan game expanded itself to 1600 X 1200 32 bit resolution for my gaming enjoyment.

The author did not think very far ahead when preparing his game to be released to the public.

There are some very good things going for this game. The graphics are ripped relatively well (from what I can tell), and there is a pretty good engine at work. But since I can't get anywhere beyond the starting point, I can't comment on much more than that.

This game runs poorly. Very poorly.

I have a very nice computer, 512 ram, 1.2 ghz processor, 128 meg video card. Sure, there are better computers available out there. If I went and spent $3000 I could get one twice as powerful. But I play Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy 11, and they all run just fine. The author tells me that its not his fault that I have a crap PC. Well maybe so. I guess the gaming industry hasn't caught up to his standards yet either. But I play DC games all the time, games that look much nicer than this game and they all play smooth as butter.

Playing this game almost freezes my machine. It takes over 30 seconds to get out of it using Alt+F4. The author us using "stretch to fit screen" which should NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be used for ANY game. All klik games should be set to change resolutions modes and go fullscreen, with the option for players to minimize it to a window if they choose.

Combine this with an author who doesn't care or understand, and you are left with a pretty awful experience that ends as soon as Alt+F4 will allow.

What a shame.

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